ZeroEyes Promotes JT Wilkins to Senior Vice President of Government Solutions and Dustin Kisling to Senior Vice President of Strategy

In his newly expanded role, Mr. Wilkins will be responsible for the strategic and focused growth of ZeroEyes government solutions in the federal and municipal government markets. He will focus on growing AI threat detection in the DoD requirements cycle, developing ZeroEyes’ Air Force SBIR into a record-breaking program, extending ZeroEyes’ solution to agencies federal civilians and the establishment of strategic defense partnerships.

“There are few jobs outside of the military and first responder communities where you really feel like you’re making a difference,” says Wilkins. “At ZeroEyes, I wake up every day knowing that I am helping to save lives. Focused on the government market, I work tirelessly to ensure that those who protect us abroad and work to keep our country running efficiently are in safety here at home.”

In Mr. Kisling’s new expanded role as Senior Vice President of Strategy, he will be responsible for strategic alignment with ZeroEyes industry and technology partners, evaluating go-to-market opportunities and development of M&A, VC and PE landscape strategy, valuation and initiatives. , and oversee business development initiatives.

“It’s a privilege to be part of a company so committed to making the world a safer place,” says Kisling. “The professionalism and dedication of every member of the company makes ZeroEyes an exceptional place to work. I look forward to supporting the company’s mission and growth, and ultimately bringing our technology to even more customers.” needing a security solution.”

Mr. Kisling and Mr. Wilkins are both military veterans. Previously, Mr. Wilkins served as a Marine Gunnery Sergeant and led intelligence and targeting operations in the Special Operations Forces. Throughout his career in the Marines, Mr. Wilkins operated at all levels of the Department of Defense, working directly with the Intelligence Community, the Department of Justice and other government agencies to mitigate threats against United States and allied nations.

Mr. Kisling served in United States Marine as Navy SEAL. Prior to joining ZeroEyes in 2020, Mr. Kisling co-founded and served as Executive Director of Veteran’s Outdoor Advocacy Group, which researches, advocates and promotes legislative solutions that improve the lives of veterans through complementary therapy to traditional approaches to mental health.

About ZeroEyes

ZeroEyes provides a proactive, human-verified AI gun detection software solution that integrates with existing security cameras and mitigates mass shootings and gun violence by reducing response times, delivering actionable insights with images and providing clarity in the chaos, thereby saving lives. ZeroEyes has been recognized by the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) as a promising counterterrorism technology and is the first video analytics technology to receive the SAFETY Act DT&E designation.

Founded by Navy SEALs and military special ops veterans, ZeroEyes provides accurate, real-time firearms-wielding intelligence near or in an occupied area or building to local personnel and law enforcement. order with an image of the shooter(s) and the location of the threat, within 3-5 seconds from the time the weapon is detected. The ZeroEyes team also provides technical advice, installation assistance, and training exercises for active shooter events to improve safety at schools, businesses, and government facilities. Based in the Greater Philadelphia region, the company’s affordable and effective firearms detection solution has been adopted by the U.S. Department of Defense, major K-12 public school districts, colleges/universities, commercial real estate groups, factories manufacturing, Fortune 500 corporate campuses, shopping malls, superstore retail stores and more. Learn more about ZeroEyes at


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