Whitefish Council Consider Changing Short-Term Rental Rules


Whitefish City Council will close a public hearing on Monday for a proposal to update and improve the regulation and enforcement of short- and medium-term residential rentals.

The council began the hearing on December 6, but with a busy agenda that evening, it chose to continue the hearing, which remains open for public comment.

The main change is a recommendation from the city’s sustainable tourism management planning committee to change the definition of short-term rentals, from less than 30 days to less than 90 days.

In a letter to the editor published in the Whitefish Pilot, committee chair Lauren Oscilowski said the committee’s goal “is for council to embrace these changes and ensure that traditional residential neighborhoods are not transformed. in tourist areas to the detriment of long-term residents.

“Our neighborhoods should not become investment opportunities for people looking to earn an income from their vacation home by operating a ‘part-time hotel’ in a residential area,” Oscilowski wrote.

IN OTHER business, council will hold a public hearing for a resolution adopting a long-term master plan for the fire department.

According to the long-term plan made by AP Triton, the fire department is to recruit additional firefighting personnel and plan for future equipment upgrades.

The council will create a five-person strategic planning committee to set tangible priority goals, with defined goals, timelines, funding recommendations and assigned responsibilities, according to the city manager‘s report to council.

The meeting begins at 7:10 p.m. Monday at Whitefish Town Hall and is accessible remotely via Webex. Instructions for a Webex link are available on the city’s website.


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