Welsh government has said to ‘urgently reconsider’ fines for those who do not work from home


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The Welsh government has been urged to ‘urgently reconsider’ fines for those who can work from home but fail to do so.

Wales Liberal Democrats leader Jane Dodds said it would hurt those who have been forced to work by their bosses.

Unions such as the GMB and TUC have both criticized the move that would see workers given a fixed penalty notice of £ 60 for breaking the homework rule.

“This policy is not a solution to the problems we face and the Welsh Labor government should change it immediately,” said Jane Dodds.

“Employees should not be punished for potentially following instructions from a bad boss or an employer who does not follow instructions.

“Employers who are vulnerable to exploitation or coercion will be the most vulnerable to these fines and the Welsh government has failed to understand that the relationship between employee and employer is more often than not equal.

“I urge the government to reconsider urgently.”

“Bad deal”

A Welsh government spokesperson defended the rule, saying the additional measures had been introduced “to limit the spread of the virus and protect public health”.

“Following our long-standing advice for people to work from home whenever possible, starting Monday it will now be a legal requirement to work from home unless there is a reasonable excuse for not doing so. not do it, ”they said.

“We expect employers to take all reasonable steps to make it easier to work from home and provide employees with the support they need.”

But TUC Wales General Secretary Shavanah Taj said her reaction was a reaction of “shock and concern”.

“A worker is not responsible for his workplace, his employer is,” she said. “This sets a really disturbing precedent that the responsibility is somehow shared, and naïve at best.”

Meanwhile, senior GMB organizer Kelly Andrews said it was “hitting the wrong rope.”

“We are very concerned that this will lead bad employers to pressure their workers to work from home without a paper trail and put them at no financial risk,” she said.

“These workers are also the most vulnerable and can least afford the financial blow. But the truth is, for many families, a £ 60 Christmas fine will have a severe financial impact. “


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