Visiting professors in Ludhiana colleges for more benefits


Addressing the state-level meeting of the Association of Visiting Assistant Faculty Professors in Punjab here on Sunday, Ravinder Mansa, president of the association, said visiting faculty assistant professors working in colleges government should enjoy the same benefits as those accorded to parties – time assistants.

He added that although all professors working in government colleges have the same qualifications and responsibilities, visiting professors are financially exploited. He added that the future of the 962 visiting assistant professors, who have worked for years with paltry salaries, looks bleak.

While demanding a better future for these teachers under the government‘s ‘Ghar Ghar Rozgar’ program, he shared that many of these teachers have already passed the eligibility age for new government recruitment and that some of them they are even approaching retirement age.

Previously, the entire salary of these teachers was taken from the funds of the parent-teacher association collected from the students. A few years ago, the government started paying 50% of the amount in the form of grants. He further added that the PTA fund in most government colleges is already depleted, so visiting faculty have not received their salaries for months.

Jaswinder Singh, secretary general of Ludhiana, along with other officials urged the chief minister and the finance minister to pay their salaries out of the government’s treasury.

They said paying the full salary to the treasury will not put a major economic burden on the budget. By doing this, not only will visiting professors and their families be able to make ends meet, but students will also be relieved of the burden of contributing to the PTA fund. The association also demanded that their jobs be safeguarded as a priority during the new recruitment campaign.

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