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No need to stick to the rivers and lakes you’re used to if you’re looking for record-breaking fish.

From the Gulf of Mexico to the heart of Texas, there has been a ton of record catches this year by Texas anglers and we’ve compiled a list of a few of our favorites.

Speaking of the heart of Texas, this is where you’ll find OH Ivie Lake, who produced eight bass records in just seven days earlier this year.

According to Runnels County Register, the fishing fever began on February 19 when Joe McKay of Bussey, Iowa landed a 16.4 largemouth bass.

Texas Parks and Wildlife officials posted a photo of McKay on Facebook and congratulated him on the lake’s new record. (Turns out the monster fish was also the 16th largest largemouth bass ever to be caught in Texas.)

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Another record-breaking largemouth bass caught by 15-year-old fisherman Trace Jansen in February. He set a new body of water record for Lake Travis with a fish of 15.32 pounds, breaking the previous body of water record set in 1993 of over one pound.

Jansen wasn’t the only junior angler with a big catch this year, Colt Franke pulled off a 33.5in, 24.5lb. Blue catfish at Lake Calaveras in November. The catch broke the previous junior angler record for a blue catfish caught in Calaveras Lake over two pounds, set by Braedon Brown a month earlier.

Calaveras Lake Youth Blue Catfish Record – captured by Colt Franke in November 2021. (San Antonio Inland Fishing District – Texas Parks & Wildlife)

This next angler fell into a potential world record blue catfish. Johnson City’s Ben Christensen caught the 31.55-pound monster fish on Oct. 11 in the River Pedernales and posted a photo of his possible record on his Instagram account. fly fishing.

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“This catfish is definitely a personal best,” Christensen told KSAT. “The tip of the cane was bent almost double the entire fight.”

Christensen used a 4-weight fly rod to reel in the blue catfish, which he says is generally unsuitable for catching fish over five pounds.

Angler Ben Christensen caught a 31.55 pound blue catfish on a size 10 Gamakatsu hook, with a weight of 12 pounds. Tippet Rio Bass and Scott Flex 4 weight fly rod. (Ben Christensen)

And finally, the Texas state‘s heaviest saltwater record for 2021 was set by Troy Lancaster who landed a massive 876-pound bluefin tuna off the coast of Port Aransas, breaking a state record. nearly 40 years old. .

Lancaster caught the 121-inch female tuna on April 13 using skipjack as bait. He said he was trying to catch a marlin but ended up with a 19 year old tuna instead.

A south Texas fisherman landed an 876-pound bluefin tuna on April 13 about 140 miles off the coast of Port Aransas, breaking a state record of nearly 40 years. (Courtesy, Port Aransas Fisherman’s Wharf)

Freshwater Records Rod and Reel:

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  • Bass, Largemouth Bass x Smallmouth Bass – Caught March 1st at OH Ivie Lake by Wyatt Frankens. Weighed 7.6 pounds.

  • Largemouth Bass x spotted – Caught on March 14 in Houston County Lake by David Daniel. Weighed 4.69 pounds.

  • Common carp – Caught on March 28 at Lady Bird Lake by Kevin Olivier. Weighed 44.25 pounds.

  • Longnose Gar – Taken June 22 at Clear Fork Brazos River by Amanda Martin. Weighed 30.3 pounds.

  • River Carpsucker – Caught June 20 at Denton Creek by John Paul Hays. Weighed 5.1 pounds.

  • Tilapia Hybrid – Taken May 25 at Lake Travis by Keller Colton Shaw. Weighed 5.78 pounds.

Rod and Reel Saltwater Records:

  • Atlantic Cutlassfish – Fished January 2nd at Upper Laguna Madre by Jeffrey Mills. Weighed 5.13 pounds.

  • Obese – Caught August 12 in Gulf of Mexico by Cody Dunn. Weighed 2.7 pounds.

  • Bluefin tuna – Fished April 13 in the Gulf of Mexico by Troy Lancaster. Weighed 876 pounds.

  • Buffalo Smallmouth – Taken February 26 in the Sabine River by Robert Vail. Weighed 28.13 pounds.

  • Goldface Tilefish – Taken April 19 in the Gulf of Mexico by David Shane Ranking. Weighed 4.85 pounds.

  • Queen Snapper – Taken August 25 in the Gulf of Mexico by James Christopher Dean. Weighed 19.4 pounds.

  • Scalloped Hammerhead Shark – Caught October 4 in the Gulf of Mexico by Derrick Bonner. Weighed 300.5 pounds.

  • Vermilion Snapper – Taken October 15 in the Gulf of Mexico by Troy Stephens. Weighed 5.81 pounds.

  • Yellow grouper – Caught on August 1 in the Gulf of Mexico by Hal Kennedy. Weighed 37.9 pounds.

  • Yellowfin Grouper – Caught on October 1 in the Gulf of Mexico by Dylan Becherer. Weighed 47 pounds.

For a complete list of the current condition and records of water bodies, visit Texas Parks and Wildlife website.


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