The Government of Haryana forms the Pataudi-Mandi Municipal Council; likely to have 32-35 theaters now

The municipalities of Pataudi and Haileymandi have been merged and will henceforth be operational as Pataudi-Mandi Municipal Council, the district administration announced in an official statement on Sunday.

The Haryana Urban Local Bodies (ULB) has notified the formation of the new unified council, which will also have 10 contiguous villages Nerhera, Janola, Rampur, Chhawan, Milakpur, Mirzapur, Mubarkpur, Devlawas, Heraheri and Khanpur under its jurisdiction.

The newly formed council will likely have between 32 and 35 wards with an estimated population of 62,000, officials said. There were 30 neighborhoods under the jurisdiction of the two municipalities before unification.

“Residents of Haileymandi complained about the name of the town, mentioning that it was named after an English governor ‘Malcolm Hailey’, and that didn’t seem fair…Now the formation of the new unified town council will put end to this,” said the official spokesman for the district administration, who asked not to be named.

Malcolm Hailey was governor of Punjab between 1924 and 1928, before independence. All of Haryana was part of Punjab until 1966.

In 2014, the Haryana government transformed the Sohna Municipal Committee into the Sohna Municipal Council for development purposes, officials said, adding that now Gurugram district has two councils.

On June 24, the government of Haryana issued a public notice, urging residents to present their suggestions as well as their objections regarding the merger of the two municipalities within the next six weeks, before the Deputy District Commissioner Nishant Kumar Yadav.

“The suggestions and issues raised by the people were addressed earlier this month, and the same was conveyed to the ULB…With the formation of the council, civic development in these areas will be accelerated to the greatest early,” DC said. Yadav.

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