The deadline is Thursday for the settlement of the municipal court of Edmundson

People who have been defendants in the municipal court of Edmundson over a period of eight years have until Thursday to register for compensation as part of a class action.

People who were fined, arrested, or spent time in jail between December 12, 2013 and July 1, 2021, simply because they couldn’t pay the tickets are eligible. The amount of money received depends on various factors.

ArchCity Defenders Achieved a preliminary settlement worth $370,000 with the city, located near St. Louis-Lambert International Airport, in June. This started the clock for the legal defense organization to enroll as many people as possible.

ArchCity lawyer Maureen Hanlon said even those who were affected a long time ago should register before Thursday’s deadline.

“It’s money free to you, and it’s a symbolic reminder that you suffered from a practice that negatively impacted your life and was done wrongly,” he said. she declared.

Those who think they might be eligible can go to ArchCity website. People with further questions can call the agency at 314-361-8834.

Tekeia Henderson was arrested in 2014 during protests over the death of Michael Brown and spent 14 days in jail over old Edmundson parking tickets. He entered the settlement as soon as he was eligible.

Although he and others will have to wait until next year to receive the money, Henderson said it’s worth it so the city can finally be held accountable.

“They’re not a big municipality, and they’re plotting on people coming to that area of ​​the airport, and sitting there and waiting,” he said. ” You have nothing to do. All you have to do sometimes is just be black.

Henderson said he would use his check to buy and register a car.

ArchCity sued a number of municipalities after Brown’s death. A settlement with Normandy awaits final approval. Four other cases, against St. Ann, Ferguson, Maplewood and Florissant, are still before the courts.

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