Thanesar MC to adopt carrot and stick policy: The Tribune India

Tribune press service

British Sharma

Kurukshetra, June 26

Struggling to maintain good sanitary conditions, the Thanesar City Council has decided to adopt the carrot and stick policy for ‘Safai Darogas’.

Staffing shortages remain a concern

The work of Safai Darogas will be reviewed every three months by local MLA and MC officials based on the prevailing sanitary conditions in their respective areas. While the health darogas whose areas get the top three places will receive monetary rewards of Rs 21,000, Rs 11,000 and Rs 5,100, respectively, along with letters of appreciation. Darogas whose work is deemed unsatisfactory will be demoted.

A senior MC official said: “The approach will help the council improve sanitation, but you have to be careful about how many sanitation workers are working. Due to retirements and lack of new recruitment, there are only about 390 sanitation workers, of which (about 85 regular employees and 305 contract employees) at present. Of the total, 12 are sanitary darogas. The MC limit also increases. The government has promoted the city as a tourist destination and to keep the city presentable there is also a need to increase the number of sanitation workers. Thousands of tourists arrive here as religious fairs are held and then the International Gita Mahotsav is also celebrated here. There are expected to be over 450 sanitation employees with the MC.

Meanwhile, Thanesar City Council Chief Sanitary Inspector Roopravinder Bishnoi said: “Efforts are being made to improve sanitary conditions in areas below the MC boundary. The new approach, announced by the MP for Thanesar on Friday, will certainly motivate workers and help us improve conditions further. The MC limit is distributed among 12 sanitation darogas, which are selected from sanitation workers. Every three months, the sanitation conditions of the whole area will be reviewed and the darogas will be rewarded according to their performance. If the work is not deemed satisfactory, they will be demoted and assigned to sanitation duties.

Thanesar MP Subhash Sudha said he would, together with the City Commissioner, carry out an inspection of the areas below the MC boundary next week. He added, “Employees were complaining about the lack of carts to pick up trash and they received about 100 new hand carts and 50 rickshaw carts to help them with their work. When the government provides all the assistance, the employees should also not be negligent in their work. Employees who work hard will be rewarded for their work and those who are negligent will be demoted.

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