Texas City could decriminalize possession of small amounts of weed



It’s not a done deal, so don’t start celebrating right away. But Denton can decriminalize possession of small amounts of marijuana.

CBS DFW reports that city council member Deb Armintor advocated for the decriminalization of small amounts of marijuana before city council on Tuesday, November 2.

Although a decision has yet to be made, that decision has paved the way for further discussions regarding the order known as the Denton Responsible Reform of Cannabis Enforcement Act of 2021.

Decriminalize Denton member Tristan Seikel says marijuana laws serve as a tax on people who cannot use drugs in a safe space, according to NBC DFW:

The people who are usually arrested for cannabis and named are people who do not have a safe space to use these drugs and these people live disproportionately in poverty. It amounts to a tax for people who do not have the security to do so at home. Many upper middle class people can just safely use weed in their homes, so they are excluded from criminal justice.

Personally, I think this is just the last step towards the total decriminalization of recreational marijuana here in Texas.

Last July, Governor Greg Abbott said that he would sign an invoice that would ease restrictions on medical marijuana in Texas.

While Texas isn’t considered a total decriminalization of marijuana, every little step counts.

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