TBSI has developed an intuitive multidimensional human-machine interface for smart gloves based on triboelectric nanogenerator sensors


The development in the field of human-machine interface has placed higher demands on human-machine interfaces (HMIs) that are humanized and immersive. New HMIs require not only simple and efficient design, but also intuitive operation. In this article, the extraction of multidimensional signals from hand gestures is carried out by the flexible sensor and signal processing system. On this basis, different HMI dimensions are realized, including the smart home (lighting control, for example), robotic control, and a virtual keyboard that allows user recognition (his recognition accuracy rate can reach up to 93.1%). The unique trans-impedance amplifier-based signal conditioning circuitry eliminates most of the crosstalk and noise in the real-time transmission of multi-channel signals, improving the robustness of the system. This research work provides new ideas for developing a multidimensional HMI, which has unlimited potential for future HMI applications, including the Internet of Things, assistive technology and intelligent recognition systems.


Shenzhen Tsinghua-Berkeley Institute (TBSI) is jointly established by Tsinghua University and University of California, Berkeley with the support of the Shenzhen municipal government. In particular, Data Science and Information Technology, a full English program, has a double degree for the master’s program. Upon completion of the TBSI and UC Berkeley degree requirements, students can earn a dual degree: Master of Science at Tsinghua University and Master of Engineering at University of California, Berkeley.

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