Taylor County adds 4 deaths, 207 cases on Wednesday



The Abilene-Taylor County Public Health District on Wednesday reported four COVID-19-related deaths, 207 new cases and 254 recoveries.

The total number of deaths in the county linked to the coronavirus is 489.

Of the 207 new cases, 77 were confirmed by polymerase chain reaction tests. Wednesday’s number of new cases was the highest number reported daily since 261 on September 13.

The active cases total 1,495 (490 PCR cases and 1,005 cases from antigenic tests). A week ago, there were 1,898 active cases.

Hendrick Health reported 68 COVID-19 hospital patients at its three hospitals on Wednesday, including 25 in intensive care. As of Tuesday, there were 70 COVID-19 hospital patients, including 22 in intensive care.

The breakdown by facility Wednesday was 60 inpatients in Abilene hospitals (20 in intensive care) and eight in Brownwood Hospital (five in intensive care).

Of the 70 Hendrick COVID-19 hospital patients, 62 were not fully immunized, while 21 of the 22 intensive care patients were not fully immunized.

The percentage of COVID-19 hospital patients in the Abilene trauma ward area was 9.28% on Tuesday, up from 9.48% on Monday and 10% on Sunday, according to the State Department’s COVID-19 database from Texas.

The Abilene trauma service area in the 16 counties had 89 COVID-19 hospital patients, all adults, on Wednesday, up from 88 on Monday, the state reported.

The coronavirus in figures

Abilene / Taylor County (updated Wednesday): New cases, 207; PCR cases, 9,421; active PCR cases, 490; total probable antigen cases, 12,946; total cases of active antigen, 1,005; total recoveries by PCR, 8,743; total antigen recoveries, 11,640; Total number of deaths, 489.

Texas (updated Wednesday): Total number of cases, 3,451,823; New cases, 7,135; Active cases (estimated), 163,857; Hospitalized, 6,084; Deaths, 67,012; New deaths, 312; Total tests, 43,532,317; Retrieved (estimated), 3,897,634.

Number of active cases estimated in large countries (followed by state): Jones, 142; Howard, 125; Stephens, 113; Brown, 101; Courage, 55; Nolan, 43 years old; Erath, 33 years old; Coca, 24; Callahan, 21; Coleman, 15; Comanche, 12 years old; Mitchell, 12; Eastland, 11; Haskell, 9; Knox, 9; Alleyways, 8; Fisherman, 6; Stone wall, 2; Shackelford, 4 years old; Throckmorton, 1; and Kent, 0.

Some counties in West Texas have estimated active cases: Lubbock, 2,294; Randall (Canyon), 1329; Potter (Amarillo), 1,208; Midland, 1,162; Wichita (Wichita Falls), 997; Ector (Odessa), 824; Tom Green (San Angelo), 446; Hale (Plainview), 91; Moore, 62 years old.

Sources: City of Abilene, Texas Department of State Health Services (count PCR cases only)

SELECTED PRISONS (Tuesday update)

Daniel (Snyder): Staff case – active, 0. Case of detainees – active, 2, medical isolation, 2.

Havins (Brownwood): Staff case – active, 5; Case of detainees – active, 0, medical isolation, 0.

Middleton (Abilene): Staff case – active, 1; Case of detainees – active, 127, medical isolation, 127.

Robertson (Abilene): Staff case – active, 6; Case of detainees – active, 2, medical isolation, 3.

Sayle (Breckenridge): Staff case – active, 2; Case of detainees – active, 94; medical isolation, 94.

Wallace (Colorado City): Staff case – active, 2; Case of detainees – active, 0, medical isolation, 0.

Source: Texas Department of Criminal Justice COVID-19 website.


Abilene ISD: Reported 13 new cases (eight students, five staff) on Wednesday, down from 22 new cases on Tuesday. New cases per campus: four students and two staff at Cooper, two students and two staff at Mann Middle, two students at Purcell Elementary, and one staff at Maintenance.

Active cases total 94 (74 students, 20 staff), which was the same total on Tuesday. As of August 3, the district has reported 1,083 cases (881 students, 202 staff).

Wylie ISD: Three new cases (two students, one staff member) were reported Wednesday, for a total of 12 active cases. As of Tuesday, the number of active cases stood at 14.

Active cases by campus: one student and staff member at East Elementary, one student at West Intermediate, one student at West Elementary, one student and staff member at East Junior High, and five students and one staff member at Wylie High .

Christian University of Abilene: No new cases reported on Wednesday, with three active cases, the same number of active cases reported on Tuesday. Three people are in quarantine due to possible exposure. All three active cases were vaccinated. The cumulative cases since August 17 total 152.

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