SC Parents Need Help Protecting Children In School From COVID-19



Schools reopen this week across South Carolina.

Schools reopen this week across South Carolina.

A parent struggles to return to school

As our children return to school, many parents are struggling. Normally my husband and I would pass our children on to the idea of ​​new teachers and new friends. How does it work in times of global health crisis? “Hey kids, I hope you don’t end up with a respirator.”

Governor Henry McMaster rigged the system so that if schools impose masks, the state will withdraw their funding. Translation – esoteric quasi-political issues are more important than children.

The Delta variant makes COVID more contagious. More and more children are hospitalized. There are long lasting neurological and autoimmune effects. Anti-mask policies bet on the health of our children.

While I am grateful to the Beaufort County School District for hosting free vaccination clinics and finding loopholes in McMaster’s anti-mask pimping, I urge school officials to enforce the masks and vaccinations. The recent Supreme Court ruling that blocked an application to deny Indiana University’s vaccine warrant is a landmark case. Additionally, the Beaufort County School District is located in South Carolina’s wealthiest county, giving them the power to fight back.

As a parent, I don’t know what to do. Isn’t it my job to protect my children, to keep them safe and healthy? How are parents supposed to do this when our governor is setting everyone up for failure? How did mask wear become such an important issue that people are fighting for, but the health of our community is not something to fight for?

We need adults more than ever in all aspects of leadership. Unfortunately, you won’t find them in South Carolina.

– Heather Bragg, Bluffton

Playing with our health

All security protocols have been thrown into the wind. I saw massive hordes of people crammed into cramped quarters competing to dine out. Thousands of people pay daily for seafood and Diet Coke. No one wears a mask. And no one really knows who was vaccinated. I don’t know what to do with it. Everyone seems nonchalant about it all, and frankly, so am I. I do not choose a political camp (they are all terrible as far as I am concerned), but if the public wants to play with their health, let them. No one holds back nicotine. No one is slowing down any of our other collective self-defeating behaviors, so let it run its course.

– Sandon Preston, Hilton head

No endless wars

Fifty-two years ago I was sent into a war I couldn’t stand, but I did my patriotic duty. I came home, but 59,000 of my brothers did not. The last remaining Americans were evacuated by helicopter from the roof of the Embassy. I am experiencing the same situation in Afghanistan. President Biden said the Afghans had 300,000 well-trained troops against 75,000 Taliban fighters and that Afghanistan would not fall into the hands of the Taliban. On the same show, I saw Taliban driving American Humvees. In our rush to leave, the infrastructure was left to the enemy. Stop changing regimes and selling democracy to people who don’t understand or don’t want it, unless you are prepared to stay, maybe indefinitely. I am sad and depressed that politicians sent me to Vietnam and countless thousands of people to Afghanistan. In the long run, the only thing I see is an enemy that can outlive us, and then bill our children and grandchildren to wage all these endless and unnecessary wars. Be prepared to do the job or stay away.

– John Gerstle, Hilton head

Help our allies

Biden is a good president, but he has to pay attention to a serious problem in Afghanistan. as people who were promised to flee our country for all their work are now climbing on top of each other to get a piece of the ground on any plane to anywhere so as not to be killed by the Taliban.

People who helped Americans, like translators, were promised a quick escape to the United States for themselves and their families. Instead, they are in abject fear, trying to escape. They should have been helped before the departure of the American soldiers. Today there is no time to apply for a visa with mountains of paperwork. The Taliban are in the capital. Since Biden sends soldiers back there, he should allow a few to get the aides out safely. They will literally be killed if they have to wait any longer. The initial promise when they started working was to move to the United States for themselves and their families.

After the Vietnam War I taught those refugees who had helped American soldiers as cooks, translators and drivers. Everyone said to me, “If they hadn’t taken us out right away, we would have been killed by the North Vietnamese. This is what happens to brave people who help American soldiers. Forget the Biden paperwork and get them out now.

– Fran Reed, Hilton head

What about the rule at home?

I read with interest the articles on Governor McMaster’s criticisms of the budget clause. First, because it appears to have been a misstep to ban universal masking policies in schools, given the increase in COVID cases and calls from public health experts for masking. Second, because I have heard nothing from local lawmakers regarding their support for the concept of a “rule at home”.

Back in the days when local plastic bag bans and state-level restrictions were all the rage, our lawmakers opposed such state-level restrictions. As Bluffton Rep. Bill Herbkersman said in an editorial on February 13, 2018, “One of the tenets of my kind of conservatism is that we should try to keep the regulation of local issues as local as possible. The government closest to the issue likely has better information and a closer relationship with those most affected by the issue. “

Regardless of whether lawmakers in the region agree or disagree with the advice of public health experts on masking, one would think they would oppose or attempt to strike down the provision on the basis of the concept of autonomy, if only for reasons of logical consistency. But something tells me it’s a little too much to ask.

– Alex Moody, Beaufort


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