Runnels County Jail Journal


This set of records is touted as a public service by area law enforcement and the Runnels County Registry. A person arrested or charged with a crime, present at a crime scene, or identified as a suspect in a printed report is not necessarily guilty of a criminal offense. Guilt or innocence must be determined by a court. The registry forwards all information provided by participating law enforcement agencies.

Runnels County Jail records show 15 people were arrested between 7/23/21 and 7/29/21 by law enforcement agencies in the area.

Johnny D. McKinney, 45, theft of property; $ 1,000 security deposit.

Queandro Quarles, Jr., 40, warrant: continued Runnels County violence against family – indictment pending, warrant: criminal possession of Runnels County firearm; deposit $ 85,000.

Angelo D. Sanchez, 30, second DWI, term: Runnels County S / W DWI; security deposit of $ 20,000.

Marissa D. Islas, 20, possession of marijuana; $ 1,000 security deposit.

Jonathan M. Reyes, 27, assault causing bodily harm, terrorist threat family / household; $ 8,000 security deposit.

Justin L. Sivley, 32, assault causes bodily harm to family member; $ 1,000 security deposit.

Michael C. Flowers, 51, possession of controlled substances; Public relations link.

Samantha M. Sanchez, 31, DWLI; $ 1,000 security deposit.

Gary D. Bilbrey, 45, warrant: parole violation, engaging in organized criminal activity, warrant: possession of controlled substance by Runnels County S / W; no link.

Randal K. Bilbrey, 44, warrant for arrest: jump on bail from Runnels County, failure to appear; security deposit of $ 10,000.

Adrianna L. Estrada, 25, arrest warrant: Beeville PD burglary; security deposit of $ 2,000.

Juan E. Garcia, 22, possession of controlled substance, possession of marijuana, illegal carrying of a weapon; security deposit of $ 6,000.

Kazavian K. McKenzie, Warrant: Forfeiture of Lubbock County Surety, Warrant: Eastland County Order increasing possession of controlled substance surety; security deposit of $ 122,800.

Robert Aragon, 41, credit or debit card abuse, four times; security deposit of $ 4,000.

Ginger M. Guetlein, 36, home burglary; security deposit of $ 10,000.

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