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The new mayor was not elected without controversy, however, reports Tartu Postimees (link in Estonian), with a former vice-president of the conservative People’s Party of Estonia (EKRE), now in opposition, saying that municipal laws and national laws had been violated.

In this case, Lään wins with 14 votes over Tarmo Kleimann (Ettevőtlik Kambja’s electoral list) and will lead a new coalition composed of Reform, Isamaa and the electoral alliance Hoiame Head (such electoral alliances are specific to the local politics and governance in Estonia and offer an alternative to national parties – ed.).

Former mayor Argo Annuk (Isamaa) resigned, after less than a year in power, on August 23, while the former coalition of EKRE, Hoiame Head and Ettevőtlik Kambja collapsed a day later – Tarmo Kleimann had previously claimed that Hoiame Head violated coalition good practice in which his groping was also a partner, while Argo Annuk said the same, particularly in reference to former city council speaker Aivar Aleksejev ( Hoiame Head), who he says also interfered unfairly with the mayor’s work.

Lään is a long-time resident of Kambja who has held leadership positions in educational institutions as well as small businesses working in the field of communication, reports Tartu Postimees, and said that the implementation of development and investment in the municipality would be his watchword, as well as improving communications between the municipal government, the council chamber, including the opposition, and local residents.

Kambja Rural Municipality lies just southwest of the city of Tartu, whose municipality it borders. Its population was just under 2,600 in 2017.

The original Postimees piece (in Estonian) is here.

Tartu Postimees is part of the news group that publishes the national daily of the same name, as well as several regional variants.

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