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REDINGTON BEACH – REDINGTON BEACH has a new municipal clerk: Adriana Nieves, who is a familiar face around the town hall, having previously held the post of assistant clerk.

At the meeting of the commission of August 17, the mayor David Will told other members of the Council that the municipal clerk Missy Clarke had approached him and told him of his desire to retire.

“So thank you, Missy, for all this time spent here in town. I don’t know how we could have done it without you, ”said Will.

The mayor said that he had approached Nieves, “and she agreed to hold the position of municipal secretary”.

Before joining the Redington Beach office in 2007, Clarke was a municipal clerk in Minnesota and has been working in the municipal government since 2001.

Since she was a clerk, she has acquired many professional references. She is a member of the International Institute of Municipal Registrars, of the Florida Association of City Clerks, member of the Pinellas County Municipal Clerk’s Association, of the Florida Government Finance Officers Association and is a notary.

“I will certainly miss you,” said James Hoffman, president of the Finance Advisory Committee, in Clarke. “I hope you take our highest consideration, our esteem and our wishes for the future with you; Thank you for everything you have done. “

Before joining the city in May 2016, Nieves was an administrative assistant in a local non -profit organization for 9 years.

She has obtained several professional and academic diplomas as an assistant municipal clerk which goes beyond the requirements of her post.

In addition to being a certified municipal clerk, it is also a certified managers of the flood plains and a member of the Association of Floody Plains in the State as well as the Florida Floodlain Managers Association.

She is also a member of the International Institute of Municipal Registrars, of the Association of Municipal Registrars of Florida, of the Association of Municipal Registrars of the County of Pinellas and is a notary.

“I will miss you, Missy, and I can’t wait to work with you, Adriana,” said Commissioner Shawntay Skjoldage.

Commissioner Richard Cariello said he had a good conversation with Clarke when he learned that she was retiring and wished her good luck. “And for Adriana as a municipal clerk, I am 100% for that,” he said.

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