Prison file for the week of December 2, 2021


Prison records for Forrest and Lamar counties are provided to Pine Belt News as a public record service. Arrest records are up to date for the week prior to publication.

Hattiesburg Police:

James Terrance Allen – contempt of court.

Kristina Andrews – Disorderly Conduct (Failure to Comply).

Richard Derell Barker – Carrying a Concealed Weapon.

Deangelo Barnes – DUI (1st offense).

Ryan Mason Bates – contempt of court (two counts).

Alvin Dale Bonner – public drunkenness.

Trenderrious Lavontay Brock – murder.

Lindsey Bryant – Disorderly Conduct (Failure to Comply).

Jamadia Cameron – Shoplifting.

Stepheno Markendal Carpenter – DUI (1st offense).

Alfredrick Lazonie Carter – conscious violation of a protection order.

Cordero L’James Childs – counterfeit.

Bradley Joseph Craft – DUI (1st offense).

Tony J. Crawford – speeding.

Sherry Daughdrill – Shoplifting.

Jovani Gonzalez – DUI (1st offense).

Kelcey Louise Gray – disorderly conduct (failure to comply), mistreatment of a police officer.

Kwadra Griggs – disorderly conduct (failure to comply).

Justin Hill – domestic violence (single).

Eric Johnson – domestic violence (single).

Christopher Shawn Leonard – DUI (3rd offense).

Melanie Manassa – family trouble.

Jermaine Dejuan Mcleod – domestic violence (single, two counts), petty theft.

Jamarvis Miller – foreign warrant (fugitive).

Lydia Lanell Rogers – disorderly conduct (interference in business).

Brittany Simmons II – resistance to arrest, shoplifting, misinformation to officer.

Desteni Lane Walters – contempt of court

Cedric Javon Wheeler – increased penalty for controlled substances: possession of a firearm, controlled substance: sale near a school, church or park; controlled substance: trafficking.

Michael Dwayne Young – disorderly conduct (failure to comply), disorderly conduct (interference in business), begging.

Forrest County Sheriff:

Wallace Wyatt Allgood – receiving stolen goods, expired tag, expired driver’s license, no fishing license, criminal possession of a gun.

Russell Boler – MDOC Mandate.

Billy Wayne Brown – Reckless Driving, DUI (2nd offense).

Michael Edward Craft – petty theft (four counts), driving with suspended license, no insurance.

Barbara Danielle Duggan – possession of controlled substance, receiving stolen goods.

Teresa Diane Evans – false pretenses.

Zachary Dewayne Graves – tenure.

Jamarius Somajay Griffin – Domestic Violence (Single).

Kadyn Gamal Hampton – disorderly conduct (failure to comply), litter, resistance to arrest.

Jose Linares – contempt of court (violation of protection order), possession of methamphetamine, possession of paraphernalia.

Louie Wilson McDaniel – no insurance, no driver’s license.

William Alexander Prince – disorderly driving (failure to comply), driving with suspended license, evasion of an officer (reckless driving), no insurance, driving without proper equipment, providing false information to an officer, resistance to the arrest.

John Grady Rainey – domestic violence (aggravated).

Kile Redmond II – domestic violence (aggravated).

Carl Aaron Runnels – lustful child touching, sexual drums.

Brett Kevin Sanford – probation violation.

Earl Thompson – contempt of court.

George Obrien Wade – sale of controlled substances, conspiracy.

John Williams – malicious mischief, petty theft.

Petal font:

Michael M. Alvardo – reckless driving, driving with suspended license, shoplifting (four counts).

Glen Wayne Atwood – DUI (1st offense), driving with suspended license, no insurance, open container.

Pamela Popwell Calverly – common assault (two counts).

Thomas Matthew Dobson – expired driver’s license, possession of paraphernalia, expired tag.

Cindy Adeal Eugin – possession of controlled substance, possession of paraphernalia, unauthorized use of motor vehicle.

Michael Benjamin Johnson Jr. – Driver’s license suspended, possession of paraphernalia.

Richard Larry Jones II – domestic violence (aggravated).

Aaron McCullum – DUI (1st offense), label expired, no driver’s license.

Melissa Leann Mosley – possession of controlled substance, possession of paraphernalia.

Linzey Ann Phillips – Disorderly Conduct (Family Disorder).

Lloyd Williamson – shoplifting, disorderly conduct (failure to comply).

MS Correctional Service:

James Russell Bellotti – probation violation.

Carl A. Gray – probation violation.

MS Hwy Patrol:

Aaron Lewis – DUI (1st offense).

Forrest County Drug Court:

Justin Scott Helms III – drug court violation.

Lovie Russell – drug court violation.

Forrest County Agent:

Koreena Marie Robinson – disturbing the peace.

American Marshals:

Randy Jones – custody orders, label expired.

Lamar County:

Derrick Alexander Jr. – contempt of court.

Jeffery Dwayne Anderson – DUI (refusal to test).

Christopher Lavone Bryant – car burglary, contempt of court.

Quincey Tesean Kemp – foreign mandate.

Lamar Rashan Kennedy – domestic violence (single).

Willis Dewayne May – DUI (1st offense).

John T. Mott – DUI (1st offense).

Annaleah Regina Peterson – family troubles, disorderly conduct (failure to comply), resistance to arrest.

Tonia Rachella Schaidt – drug court violation.

Bryan Richard Scranage – Rankin County Mandate Pending.

Steven Michael Yawn – burglary (housing), grand larceny.

Lamar County Mental Engagement:

Audrey Meagan Anderson – Crazy Engagement Order.

Tomekia Genanene Sullivan – Insanity Undertaking Order, Disorderly Conduct (Failure to Comply).

City of Purvis:

James Lawrence Hartfield – driving with suspended license, seat belt violation, trespassing, false pretenses, theft of utilities.

Lisa Rene Scarengos – domestic violence (single).


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