Ogdensburg City Council Supports Resolution Calling for Local Self-Government Legislation | St. Lawrence County

OGDENSBURG — In a brief special meeting Monday evening, Ogdensburg City Council approved a resolution supporting self-government legislation that would allow the municipality to share the last 1% of sales tax with St. Lawrence.

Only four of the seven city council members attended the special meeting. Absent were Councilors Michael B. Powers, Nichole L. Kennedy and Daniel E. Skamperle. Only three resolutions were on the agenda and the meeting lasted just over 12 minutes.

The special meeting took place a week after the April 25 board meeting was canceled due to a lack of quorum. This agenda had 13 resolutions for discussion, two of which focused on how public safety would be handled in the city in the future. None of these resolutions from the canceled meeting were on the agenda for the special meeting.

In February, the city and county agreed to share the last 1% of sales tax collected as the city decides whether to collect its own sales tax or anticipate a portion of county sales tax for the first times since 1999. The preemption provides the city with half of the first 3% that is collected within the city’s taxing jurisdiction, but makes no provision for any portion of the additional 1% without additional local legislation. Last year, the Home Rule legislation passed in the state Senate but stalled in the Assembly.

This 1% split came into effect on March 1.

On Monday, City Council passed a resolution supporting self-government legislation that would take the necessary steps to “codify and implement the arrangement agreed upon between St. Lawrence County and the City of Ogdensburg; and that such agreement is the equal sharing (50%) by each entity of the additional one percent (1%) sales tax collected from the city.

The resolution also states that it supports Assembly Bill A.9901 and Senate Bill S.8846 and calls for legislative action during the current session in Albany.

A similar resolution was approved at the end of March, but it did not contain the bill numbers associated with the Home Rule legislation.

“It will definitely help Ogdensburg tremendously,” said Councilman John A. Rishe, who added that the county’s board of legislators was considering a similar resolution the same night.

Mayor Jeffrey M. Skelly said it was a “long, hard road” over the sales tax and failed negotiations with the county. He added that it would give the city the ability to remove the last 1% at some point in the future so it only has 7% sales tax, instead of 8% like the rest of the county.

In other actions during the special meeting:

– A contract not exceeding $239,210 with NRC East Environmental Services, Massena, has been approved to remove metals and contaminated soil from the Main Mill Basement area of ​​the former Shade Roller property.

City planner Andrea L. Smith said when the work is complete, which is expected to be in August, the city will receive a certificate of completion to certify the cleanup has been completed to Department of Conservation standards. state environment and that it would be ready for sale.

“This will allow for mixed, multi-family, commercial use. If someone wanted to build a single-family home with no homeowners association or restrictions, some extra cleaning might be required,” Ms Smith said.

“Just want to say it’s a great day. Another property is in its final cleanup, so glad to see it,” Mr. Skelly said. “A great day for Ogdensburg.”

– A contract with Barton & Loguidice for up to $53,000 to prepare a preliminary engineering report for a future water and sewer replacement project for a four-block portion of East David Street between Park and Paterson streets has been approved. Although funding is not available at this time, the preliminary engineering report would allow the city to apply for federal grants, according to Ms. Smith.

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