Nick Cannon Eliminates Student Debt From Seven HBCU Fellows



Eentertainment mogul Nick canon used his platform to amplify the importance of property and financial freedom and it emphasizes empowering historically black college and university students to take charge of their future. According to The news and the observer, the TV host unveiled a student debt cancellation initiative for HBCU fellows.

During a recent segment in his new talk show, the Nick Cannon Show, he underlined the immeasurable importance of HBCUs in the field of education and beyond. He also drew attention to the financial burdens often faced by students attending these institutions. Although there has been a wave of tax support for HBCUs across the country, many students face obstacles related to socio-economic barriers; ultimately dissuading them from pursuing studies. The United Negro College Fund reported students who historically attend black colleges and universities borrow student loans at higher rates than those who attend non-HBCUs.

During the show, seven students told their stories candidly; detailing how they overcame insurmountable obstacles to continue their journey into higher education. Among those who shared their trips was a student from Winston-Salem State University Mid-calf Sharandica who spoke about his fight against homelessness, scholar from Saint Augustine University Mackenzie este who shared that she worked multiple times to cover her tuition and a student at Texas Southern University D’Angelo Coulter who spoke of having almost dropped out of university because he could not afford it. To support the students as they move forward by cultivating the foundation for success, Cannon surprised them by telling them that he would eliminate their student loan debt after graduation.

“Historically, black colleges and universities have played a pivotal role in the development of some of the brightest minds and influencers of our time,” Cannon said. share during its broadcast. “I have been so moved by all of your stories and the obstacles you have overcome that I must help you. Our show has partnered with some of the largest national scholarship providers, such as the Thurgood Marshall College Fund, to give each of you a scholarship to cover your outstanding student loan balances. After you graduate from college, we eliminate your student debt – every penny. “

Cannon’s generous act comes a year after earning a degree in criminology and administration of justice from Howard University and a minor in African studies.


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