New rule changes for people visiting relatives in Glasgow hospitals and care homes


New rules on visiting relatives in hospitals and nursing homes in Scotland are due to come into force this week.

The Prime Minister announced a whole slew of new directions and measures to tackle the new Omicron strain when it was updated in Parliament yesterday.

The new directives and measures come into force on Friday, December 17 at midnight to “stem the flow of transmission, keep businesses and services open and protect against pressure on health services”.

Nursing home staff are now recommended to have lateral flow tests daily.

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The government also recommends that individual visits to nursing homes should not involve more than 2 households visiting a patient at a time.

Anyone visiting a nursing home will also be asked to take a test before each visit.

When it comes to hospitals, they also recommend not making more than two people to one patient at a time in hospitals, as well as having a daily test before each visit.

Premier Nicola Sturgeon said, “Getting a full vaccine is the best thing each of us can do to protect ourselves, our loved ones and the country. So please reserve your jag booster as soon as possible. Speeding up vaccination is essential and I want to assure the nation that this is the government’s top priority.

“As we speed up the vaccination, we also need to try and slow down Omicron. That is why we are also now proposing, albeit reluctantly, other protective measures. I call on everyone to follow today’s advice, to help slow Omicron down while more of us get our boosters. “


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