Marone: RCSC speaker limit rule is not appropriate in Sun City



Speakers at Sun City Recreation Center Board meetings are now limited to three minutes (“Speakers now limited at meetings,” Sun City Independent, June 23, 2021).

This is not the first rule that the board of directors has incorrectly adopted. The truth is that the 3 minute rule imposed on board members actually died after this meeting was over and no longer applies. This is because, although the statutes state that the board “shall” operate by Robert’s rules of procedure, they continually refuse to do so. In order for this rule to apply to all future meetings, it must be written as a special order rule documented and filed in company documents, creating a historical record like any policy. . No big deal!

I understand Robert’s Rules of Procedure were somewhat of a recent addition to the bylaws and I suspect this was done when the board decided to open all board meetings to the public. The board probably understood that they needed to establish a set of guiding principles that most people were somewhat familiar with, namely the Robert Rules. Anyone who has ever belonged to an organization or attended public meetings surely knew Robert’s rules of procedure.

The problem is, the board members never adopted Robert’s rules and continue to operate under the old rules (whatever they are). As a result, many of their rules, if challenged in the future, would be held to be contrary to their own parliamentary procedure.

I just don’t understand what their problem is? Some say they don’t like the rules set out in Robert’s Rules, and to that I’m just saying, “Then write a special rule that will replace these Robert Rules. ” Problem solved!

Isn’t it interesting how we all have to adhere to the many policies of the RCSC Board of Directors, but they don’t seem to have to adhere to their own bylaws?

Listen, I’m no expert, but I have read the book and would be happy to share any advice I can offer!


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