Marie Kondo’s wardrobe trick to stay organized all year round


From the kitchen to the bedroom, Marie Kondo’s storage techniques have revolutionized cleaning habits around the world. However, her final tip revolved around one of the most notorious spaces to keep tidy: the closet.

Mistress of storage of Japanese origin, Marie Kondo has acquired worldwide prestige after her book The magic of storage that changes life. Since then, she has shared her storage ideas with the world through her Netflix show. Clean up with Marie Kondo.

Addressed exclusively to Houses and gardens, Marie Kondo revealed that when it comes to keeping your wardrobe organization ideas tidy, she has a special order she relies on in her own home.

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Hang in order of length

“When it comes to your wardrobe or closet, you can use a lot of different techniques to keep it organized,” says the expert.

In her own wardrobe, Marie groups the articles according to their category and arranges the articles according to their length.

“Put your longer or darker items on the left, then head to the shorter or light-colored items on the right,” she explains. “It will help keep your clothes organized throughout the different seasons. “

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On Instagram, Marie explained that her hang rule not only looks good, but also makes you feel good.

“Arrange your clothes so that they rise to the right. It is said that the lines that slope upwards make people feel more at peace. I think they also make your clothes more stimulating, ”she explains.

Marie Kondo also recommends hanging heavy items on the left and light items on the right. It will bring about the same joy when you open your closet – and ensure that your space is organized.

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Organize items on open shelves

If you don’t have a lot of room to hang, Marie adds that there are always ways to sprinkle them with storage magic. “Using boxes can help keep items tidy and tidy,” she said in an article.

Marie Kondo is a self-proclaimed box fanatic, keeping boxes of all shapes and sizes to store things. She often shows how boxes and baskets are a great way to keep bedroom and hallway storage ideas tidy.

Start 2022 on the right foot with a Marie-Kondo-approved wardrobe.


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