Maimbung inaugurates the public market | Manila time

CITY OF ZAMBOANGA: Residents of the historic city of Maimbung continue to praise the local government for greatly improving the once sleepy municipality that housed the Sultanate of Sulu in the southern Philippines.

This week, the municipal government inaugurated the newly renovated public market.

Now, the dry section of the market is redesigned to be a convenient place to provide local residents and neighboring municipalities with access to fresh, healthy food.

Local market business owners and stall owners praised Mayor Shihla Tan-Hayudini for improving the market.

Tan-Hayudini said she envisions the renovated public market to be the cleanest in Sulu, one of the five provinces of the Muslim Autonomous Region.

Maimbung has improved a lot in terms of trade and commerce, largely due to the many infrastructure projects initiated by Tan-Hayudini’s predecessor, Samier Tan, who is now Sulu’s representative.

Both Tan and Tan-Hayudini are recipients of various awards and accolades due to their hard work and honest governance which has greatly benefited the locals.

Tan-Hayudini is also the mastermind behind the “clean and green” program called “ProtekTulong sa Kapaligiran” in the city’s 27 villages. Two years after its launch, government officials and locals never fail to clean up their villages every weekend and redoubled their efforts at the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. The program was eventually adapted in other cities.

The municipal government received the “ideal functionality rating” for the second consecutive year in last year’s local government functionality assessment.

Local government has achieved excellence when it exceeds the seven elements of the functionality assessment.

Tan-Hayudini said the accolade is further impetus for Maimbung to continue tirelessly to provide the best services at its disposal to meet voters’ needs, even in difficult times and circumstances.

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