Local Government Roundup: Matt Waligora Appoints Quintin Meek to Downtown Development Authority | News, Sports, Jobs


At its March 7 meeting, the Alpena City Council…

∫ Hire Thunder Bay Electric for $47,915 to install new lighting at Washington Avenue Park, at the Harbor and along Johnson Street.

∫ voted 4-0 to pass Ordinance 22-471, which amends the zoning plan for the town of Alpena.

∫ voted 4 to 0 to award the water plant exterior door replacement project to Meridian Contracting for $22,961.

∫ voted 4-0 to donate $2,000 to the Northeast Michigan Council of Governments for the county’s May 7 Cleanup Day.

∫ voted to have Mayor Matt Waligora and Clerk Anna Soik sign the deferred payment mortgage release between Thunder Bay Holdings LLC and the Town of Alpena.

∫ Waligora Mayoral appointed Quintin Meek to the Downtown Development Authority for a four-year term expiring March 1, 2026.


At its meeting on March 8, the board of directors of the canton of Alpena…

∫ voted in favor of the new fee schedule for building permits which came into effect on April 1. This is the first time in seven years that the fee schedule has been updated.

∫ voted to approve the resolution establishing the Townships Zoning Ordinance Fee Schedule and new fees effective April 1.

∫ voted to amend the Schedule of Fees and Charges of the Sanitary Sewer and Water Ordinance.

∫ approved payment to Summit Fire Protection in the amount of $536 for required hydraulic testing of SCBA tanks.

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