Lincoln Hospitals Else Fine-Tune Vaccine Mandates After Court Ruling | Health and fitness


Bryan Health has said he is maintaining his mandate on vaccines, which requires all employees to be vaccinated or to apply for and receive an approved exemption, but he renounces his intention to fire those who miss the deadline. .

Bryan previously said 10 employees quit or were fired after refusing to be vaccinated, while 300 others were granted exemptions.

As of last week, 180 employees have not been vaccinated and have not requested or been denied exemptions, representing just over 3% of Bryan’s total workforce. Those employees were due to be made redundant this weekend, but will now be allowed to continue working, at least for now, a spokesperson for Bryan said.

However, some hospitals in the Omaha region are not changing their policies, which means unvaccinated workers risk dismissal.

“We don’t anticipate any changes,” said Taylor Wilson, senior media relations coordinator for Nebraska Medicine.

The Methodist health system also does not plan to change its vaccine mandate.

“The injunction does not change the status of our original health system mandate, enacted in August, which requires staff to be vaccinated or have an approved exemption on file,” said Claudia Bohn, director of communications and relations. Methodist public.


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