LETTER: Cape Breton Regional Municipality Mayor and Council Receive Open Letter



After reading a letter that the CBRM board forwarded to the previous Liberal provincial government regarding the equalization program on July 12, I would like to know why the message was sent that this is an issue raised by members of the the Nova Scotia Equalization Fairness (NSEF) when in fact we were asked to send questions to both levels of government – federal and provincial?

It is evident to me that the objections of at least four councilors at a council meeting on July 6 were expressed in this letter.

Why has the CBRM council not been identified as the underprivileged local government demanding the answers to these crucial questions?

It is simply not enough to say over and over again that we are in favor of receiving more equalization funds to avoid asking the important and difficult questions of responsible senior levels of government. When this happens, the board expresses its reluctance, for whatever reason, to take this underfunding seriously.

It is not enough to simply complain that the language is “offensive” when nothing offensive has been noted by these advisers, for these words must express the requisite correctness which is at the root of irresponsibility and unrest. lack of transparency of this program on the part of the federal and provincial governments.

The intent of the July 12 letter sent by the CBRM council was (and is) to convey to the defeated provincial government and the federal government (if a similar letter was also sent) that the CBRM council acts only, in the council. James Edwards’ words, as a go-between for a “special group” group, was how he described the members of the NSEF. Gordon MacDonald, meanwhile, was the only adviser who opposed Coun. Edwards denigrating the intent of the efforts of NSEF members on behalf of this community.

Since the mayor and council have sent this letter to the provincial government and the government has changed, but no letter appears to have been sent to the new government, and since it appears that no response has yet been received from the previously defeated provincial government, are there any other measures being considered by the municipal government of the CBRM?

When will the CBRM government assume its responsibility to have both orders of government fully accountable and transparent for their entrenched constitutional obligation to all citizens of Nova Scotia?

Because if the last 20+ years of CBRM council action (excluding the efforts of former mayor John Morgan) reflects how serious this federal equalization underfunding is for this municipal government , residents of CBRM cannot expect any relief from planned government policy. downsizing in rural Nova Scotia and the MRCB.

Charles W. Sampson

Sydney Forks


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