LETTER: Backs Forde | Peninsula Daily News

For our November 2022 election, Sue Forde is opposing Mike Chapman.

As a successful small business owner for most of her adult life, Sue’s business background allows her to recognize the many challenges of small business.

She identifies government policies, regulations, and taxes that impede business growth and knows which policies promote small business prosperity.

Sue has demonstrated her desire to serve our community by volunteering to teach a teen reorientation program, serving on the Boys and Girls Club Board of Directors, serving two different sessions on the Self-Reliance Charter Commission of Clallam County and serving as chair of the regional agricultural office.

During her service as GOP Chair in the past and present, Sue has demonstrated excellent leadership and organizational skills.

She continually strives to build and strengthen the Republican Party.

Sue is a long-time supporter of school choice.

As a representative, she will be a staunch advocate for law enforcement, our First and Second Amendments, and will work to restore adherence to our United States Constitution and state.

It will promote freedom, justice as we understand its historical meaning and parental rights.

A 33-year residency in the 24th District provides Sue with a deep understanding of resident needs.

Sue consistently demonstrates honesty, respect for others, sincerity and friendliness to all.

Sue deserves our support and our vote.

Glen Parker


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