Legislative committee hears Groveland petition on Tuesday to end finance and budget department

The next step in the evolution of Groveland’s government comes on Tuesday when a legislative committee takes up the town’s original ruler’s petition to eliminate the Department of Finance and Budget.

The Joint Committee on Municipalities and Regional Government is hearing Groveland’s petition, as presented by Senator Bruce E. Tarr, in a meeting tomorrow at 1 p.m. online.

The bill would repeal 1998 state legislation that created the City Department.

“On the effective date of this Act, the Department of Finance and Budget of the City of Groveland shall be abolished and the office of Chief Financial Officer shall be abolished and the term of any holder thereof shall terminate” , part of the bill says.

Groveland hired Kevin Paicos as interim chief financial and personnel officer in the fall of 2020 in anticipation of city charter changes.

Before residents allowed the Groveland Board of Selectmen to hire a city administrator a year ago, officials acknowledged there would be a conflict between the new position and the old local finance regulations. Former Groveland coach Joseph D’Amore told WHAV that at the time, city government was largely shaped by a structural change approved at the 1954 city assembly, followed by decades later by adding a chief financial officer, then expanding the board of breeders to five members in 2014.

Residents can send their comments to the committee by email [email protected] and listing invoice number S.2742 and “testimonial” in the subject. Those wishing to testify live must complete an online form by 5 p.m. Monday.

Senator John J. Cronin chairs the Joint Committee on Municipalities and Regional Government and Representative Paul F. Tucker is vice-chair. Local lawmakers also on the committee include Sens. Diana DiZoglio, Vice President; Tarr, a member of the rank minority party; and Representative Christina A. Minicucci.

In addition to Groveland, the Committee will hear petitions from Martha’s Vineyard, Oak Bluffs, Chelsea, Milford and Boston.

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