Lawsuit seeks to block Governor DeSantis’ order on school mask warrants



TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – Brad Rosenheim has two children enrolled in Midtown Academy in Pinellas County. He believes his children and others should wear masks when school starts next week.

“With this virus growing as it is, masks are one thing, a simple thing that can keep our children safe,” Rosenheim said.

He has now started a petition, demanding that principals in Pinellas County hold an emergency meeting to demand masks at the start of the school year.

In less than 40 hours, his petition collected more than 1,000 signatures.

“We just hope the Pinellas County School Board will hear us and make a decision based on medical advice,” he said.

Governor Ron DeSantis filed an executive order prohibiting local school districts from requiring masks in schools. A group of six lawyers from across Florida are taking legal action challenging the governor’s authority to issue such an order.

“Florida’s constitution is pretty strong in that autonomy is guaranteed to cities and municipalities and to run their own affairs as they see fit,” said attorney Charles Gallagher.

Erin Woolumns is another attorney working on the lawsuit.

Woolumns herself has two children in Pinellas schools and believes DeSantis is taking legal authority away from local school districts.

“Each district should be responsible for determining their own rules and what is safe for their children in their particular counties based on the number of COVID positivity, the number of deaths, all of that taken into consideration,” she said.

DeSantis maintains that the decision on masks should be left to parents, not local school boards or the state.

“So the legislature passed a Parents Bill of Rights which I promulgated about a month and a half ago and established the law in the state of Florida that parents have the basic right to raise their children. children, their health and well-being, and that this must be respected by the state at all levels of government, ”the governor said.


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