Jay-Z’s organization searches for Kansas police agency documents



KANSAS CITY, Kansas – An organization led by rapper Jay-Z has filed a petition seeking records from the Kansas City, Kansas Police Department regarding what it calls a history of officer misconduct within the department .

The claim was filed in Wyandotte County District Court on Monday by Team Roc, the criminal justice division of Jay-Z’s entertainment organization, Roc Nation.

Filler said the department had failed to hold officers accountable for decades of misconduct, including producing evidence, fabricating witnesses and soliciting sex with victims and witnesses, Kansas reported. City Star.

“And, thanks to the blue veil of silence and the apparent lack of investigation into the serious allegations, little has come to light,” according to the petition.

The petition alleges that ministry officials refused to provide Team Roc with complaints filed against the ministry’s investigation division, reports or internal investigations against an officer who has a history of abuse allegations and policies relating to supervision of detectives.

The department responded in a statement that it had turned over hundreds of pages of documents to Team Roc, but the Kansas Open Records Act does not require disclosure of personnel records and criminal investigation records.

In response, Roc Nation filed a 28-page petition stating that there is a vested interest in disclosing all records so that the public can seek justice. Once the petition is fully investigated, the Unified Government will follow up in filing a response, “the statement read.

Roc Nation alleges that the city has refused to release documents on three occasions. He asks the court to override the law on state public archives and make the documents public.

State law includes a provision that allows a plaintiff to file a petition asking a judge to review a request for documents and demand that they be released.

The petition names several officers who face criminal charges for allegations of misconduct, in particular former detective Roger Golubski, who has been accused of sexually assaulting mainly minority and poor women and of having trapped people for crimes they did not commit.

Last year, a coalition of Kansas lawmakers, religious leaders and racial justice advocates called for an investigation of Golubski and other members of the department implicated in allegations of misconduct and abuse.

Golubski and others have been prosecuted by Lamonte McIntyre, who was released from prison when his sentence was overturned in 2017 after serving 23 years in prison. McIntyre alleged that Golubski had targeted him for arrest after his mother refused detectives’ sex requests.

Cheryl Pilate and Lindsay Runnels, the attorneys representing McIntyre and her mother Rose McIntyre, said in a written statement that they were happy that legal action had been taken.

“Their legal action to obtain public documents and information is in the public interest and should help bring much needed transparency and accountability,” the statement said.

Lawyers for the ROC Nation have said that the disclosure of the documents is in the public interest and will not interfere with an ongoing investigation, reveal the identity of confidential sources or undercover agents, or exhibit any techniques or confidential investigation procedure.


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