Jail record for the week of April 14, 2022

Jail records for Forrest and Lamar counties are provided to Pine Belt News as a public records service. Arrest records are current for the week prior to publication.

Hattiesburg Police:

Fredy Agustin-Gomez – DUI (1st offence).

Nicole Anderson – possession of props.

Meredith C. Austin – DUI (1st offense).

Jeremy Boothe – domestic violence (single).

Jocqua Lavern Brown – domestic violence (single).

Kenneth Collins – possession of a controlled substance.

Jeremy Tiawan Cooley – fugitive other jurisdiction, malicious mischief, felon possession of firearm (two counts), possession of stolen firearm (two counts).

Raymond Cooley – shoplifting.

Dylan Cooper – disorderly conduct (explosions, noises or offensive conduct), disorderly conduct (disrespect), disturbance of public order.

Scottie Costairs Daniels – shoplifting.

Fredrick L. Evans – evading law enforcement, disorderly conduct (explosions, noises, or offensive conduct).

Zionna Foster – shoplifting.

Xavier Frazier – domestic violence (single).

Patricia A. Gales – possession of paraphernalia, disorderly conduct (disrespect), arson.

Antonio Haynes – possession of a controlled substance.

Jaiquayia Haynes – disorderly conduct (failure to comply).

Kaitlyn Hazelwood – shoplifting.

Torey R. Horne – malicious mischief (two counts).

Kendrick Terell Hosey – possession of a controlled substance, foreign warrant.

Jonisha Shanta Jarrett – possession of a controlled substance, possession with intent to distribute a controlled substance.

Dequan Jefferson – DUI (1st offence).

Lonnie Ray Johnson – domestic violence (single).

Ladarrius Keys – domestic violence (single).

Bliss Act – possession of a controlled substance, possession with intent to distribute a controlled substance.

Tom Leurck – DUI (2nd offence).

Stephen Logan – DUI (1st offense).

Deon Magee – contempt of court, trespassing, shoplifting.

Johnny Lee Maye – possession of props.

Cruz Mccoy – possession of paraphernalia, possession with intent to distribute controlled substance, possession of firearm by felon.

Delmus McGee – domestic violence (single), no driver’s license.

Matthew Mcmullin – disorderly conduct (interference in business).

Roderick Vernando means – DUI (1st offense).

William Milsap – possession of a stolen firearm.

Andrew George Nelson – possession of marijuana, indecent assault.

Albert Lenard Pearson – fugitive from other jurisdiction.

Lyric Pittman – Possession of Marijuana, Enhanced Sentence of Controlled Substance: Possession of a Firearm.

Romesha J. Porter – DUI (1st offense).

Rayshun Reed – carrying a concealed weapon.

Brandon Lanard Rice – disorderly conduct (disrespect), resisting arrest.

Jarvis D. Robinson – fugitive from other jurisdiction.

Lisa Robinson – shoplifting.

Latravis Smith – possession of marijuana.

Ashley Nicole Spence – domestic violence (aggravated), felon possession of firearm, possession of stolen firearm.

Jamarquis Vasean Tate – aggravated assault, possession of marijuana, contempt of court (two counts).

Brandon Thomas – contempt of court.

Landon Wyatt Thornton – common assault (three counts).

Steve Walker – public drunkenness.

Mariah White – domestic violence (single).

Lemaris Woodward – disorderly conduct (failure to comply).

Petals font:

Thomas Matthew Dobson – possession of a controlled substance, possession of paraphernalia, expired tag, expired driver’s license.

James Lee – shoplifting.

Euelio Flavio Lopez – reckless driving, no driver’s license, open container.

Marcus Terrell Moore Jr. – possession of marijuana with firearm.

Alecia Danielle Nichols – possession of paraphernalia.

Agodoy Ramirez – burglary (automobile).

Tina Marie Ruffin – reckless driving, refusal to yield, seat belt violation, disorderly driving, no insurance.

Heather Nicole Runnels – driver’s license suspended.

Forrest County Officer:

Bobby Jo Pierce – custody orders.

Forrest County Sheriff:

Timothy Austin Gardner – expired tag, suspended driver’s license, improper gear.

Christopher Grantham – custody orders.

Morgan Elizabeth Johnson – custody orders.

Sentory Jones – a child’s sexual battery.

James Robert Lee – child abuse.

Cyndey Shay Myers – possession of paraphernalia.

Geroyce Dwayne Sibley – dealing in controlled substances.

Sammie O’rice Smith – possession of a controlled substance.

James Wardle – shooting at home, disruption of family.

Derrick Jakorri Ware – pretense (three counts).

Larry Justin Watts – domestic violence (single).

Trisha Lyn Williams – child abuse.

Lamar County Sheriff:

Eddie Caralmez Adams – malicious mischief, domestic violence (simple), disorderly conduct (disrespect).

Daylon Malik Bolton – DUI (1st offence), no insurance.

Melissa Ann Bracey – controlled substance fraud during an acquisition.

Randy Eugene Cady Jr. – possession of a controlled substance, possession of marijuana, possession of paraphernalia.

Anthony Willis Davis – no driver’s license (three counts), driving with suspended license, DUI (denial), DUI (4th offense), DUI (1st offense), seatbelt violation, speeding, contempt of court (four counts), no insurance (two counts).

Chadwick Blake Deese – grand larceny.

Charles Dewey-Lee Garrett – domestic violence (single).

Terry Carl Graham – possession with intent to distribute a controlled substance.

William Howard Hatten – possession of a controlled substance, violation of probation, petty larceny (two counts), no insurance.

Steven Butch-Mark Johnson – burglary (four counts).

Joel Martez Alfredo Jones Sr. – possession of marijuana, DUI (1st offense).

Zachary Taylor Moree – drug court violation.

Lionell Lawrence Vegas III – probation violation, domestic violence (single).

Oneal Jaquan Woodson – DUI (1st offence), reckless driving, no insurance.

MS Corrections:

Bradford Ray Ezell – probation violation.

Kenneth Randall Foles – possession of methamphetamine, violation of probation.

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