Hypothermia and heat stroke; the same day

I have a few thoughts to offer today. Congratulations to all the athletes who progress to departmental competitions. It also includes those many students in one-act play competitions, those who go to compete and show off equipment at rodeos, and those young women who compete in weightlifting. Good luck to the golf, baseball, softball and track teams still competing. Do well and have no regrets.

nullAs the seasons change in Texas, I find myself leaving the house wearing three layers of clothing. Mornings are chilly, then things can change and get colder, or hit record high heat in the afternoons. Does anyone else suffer from these temperature swings? When you enter the store it is cold outside and when you leave it is burning. What’s the deal? Does anyone else carry a small wardrobe of clothes in the back of their car? Well, I thought it was just me. Welcome to Texas.

I have to think that visitors to Texas, and especially the military at Goodfellow AFB, think this place is the weirdest place on the planet. We close schools simply because it can be very cold or there is a risk of snow. They have never driven Texas roads in the winter. Their opinion may change after experiencing one of our special winter ice storms. Let them practice their snow driving skills and drive on our special icy roads. Texas has always done things differently. The weather in Texas is up there with some of the weirdest things and that’s what makes Texans proud to be called Texans.

Some people have never experienced a dust storm combined with a rain storm and have seen drops of mud falling from the sky. Only in Texas. There are too many weird things about the weather in Texas to talk about here. We all have that story of sitting on the porch watching a tornado hit our house. It’s this one. Remember Uncle Bubba said, “Hold my beer, gotta get my camera, that’s gonna be cool!” You know what I mean. Channel change.

We watch history being made. Please pray for our nation and also for the Ukrainian nation and its people. Also, please pray for rain for our land.

If you haven’t watched any of the Paralympic Winter Games, I encourage you to do so. You will be touched and inspired by the dedication of these athletes. Be well, Gary K.

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