Hot rods and a new pastor



The other day I saw something that pushed one of my pimples. This thing I observed was on the highway for all travelers to see. Without being specific, I remember my government lessons and I know that in the First Amendment it says that we have the freedom to express ourselves. This object that I observed could be considered offensive in nature. Who decides ? You decide.

Next: Last Saturday I had the pleasure of working with KCSA Radio and Crime Stoppers of San Angelo to put on a Father’s Day auto show at Mitchell Pontiac in San Angelo. I’m not a person who owns a classic car, but I appreciate these cars and all the hard work they take to make them look so good and run so well. There were cars from 1921 to 2021. Most were from the 50s and 60s. These are my favorite “rides”.

When the owners started their cars and the engine cams turned and the pipes rumbled, there was a huge overdose of testosterone that entered the bloodstream. Do you always feel this way when you hear a hot rod? I know I do.

I played music reflecting the era and asked a few questions of the participants and the owners of the vehicles. I asked these questions on the show and got many different answers. I asked, “Have you ever wished you had kept one of your old cars?” “” What was your first car? “” In which car did you receive your first speeding ticket? “How much did you pay for your first car?” “

These were basic questions specific to each owner. A man told me he had received nineteen speeding tickets. He went on to say that he did this before his nineteenth birthday. I was impressed and shocked. He said the term bicycle was used by the judge more than once. When the guys told me about their first car, the facts about their vehicles came out of their tongue. Model, color, engine size, stereo, and tire and wheel size were common factors.

Guys and girls, I ask you now…. What was your first car? Was it a sport model or a mustard-colored Plymouth? Was it a hand from a parent or sibling, or did you buy a new car? Would you like to have that first car again? We all have attachments to our early driving experiences. Consider taking your driving test. Did you pass it the first time? Can you parallel park or drive a standard manual transmission? I am amazed at how many people cannot drive a manual transmission. One last question for you. Was your first audio system in your car AM, FM, cassette, or eight-track? Channel change.

I welcome our newest member of the County of Runnels clergy family to the Lutheran Church in Miles. Pastor Anne Williams is new to the area. If you happen to see her, stop by to visit her and make her feel welcome in the community. Lord, thank you for the rains. Be well, Gary K.


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