Home Secretary video proves cattle rustling increased during BJP rule: UT Khader


Mangalore MP UT Khader said the recent incident of assault on those trying to prevent the illegal transport of livestock in Shivamogga and Home Secretary Araga Jnanendra’s video accusing the police of being corrupt proved that cattle rustling and illegal transport of cattle increased during BJP Rule in Karnataka.

Was the Karnataka Cow Slaughter Prevention and Cattle Preservation Act 2020 introduced for advertising purposes only? he sought to know at a press conference in Mangaluru. When there are so many factories exporting beef to the state, it is natural to transport cattle. Why has the government failed to shut it down, he asked. Kerala and Goa have no problems like cattle theft and illegal transport of cattle.

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Regarding the recent untoward incidents in Dakshina Kannada district, he said elected officials and religious leaders should prioritize community harmony and brotherhood in society. The police should act severely against anti-social elements that attempt to disrupt the peace in society.

“A few try to post provocative statements and post disparaging statements on district social media for their own gain. The government should take tough measures against such provocative statements, to prevent anti-social elements from once again raising their heads in the neighborhood, ”said the former minister.

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Regarding BJP State President Nalin Kumar Kateel, inviting all congressional leaders except UT Khader to join the BJP, Khader said, “Kateel was a member of Congress in the past when she was young. I want to invite all BJP leaders to join Congress to stay happy. Those who desert Congress to join the BJP should read the story first.

The BJP against decentralization

Stating that the BJP is against the decentralization of power, the MLA said that the BJP is against the decentralization of power and a three-tiered panchayat raj system.

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Voters in the election of the Legislative Council of the constituency of local bodies should send a warning to the government while exercising their right to vote, that any effort to wrest the rights of Gram Panchayat members will not be tolerated. Funds from the Finance Commission paid to general practitioners are deducted by the state government.

Even after several months, the government did not organize elections for Zilla Panchayat and Taluk Panchayat. Now, in the MLC elections, they promise to hold the elections in January. Is it possible to hold an election when the government has yet to issue rules and regulations to the newly formed Boundary Commission to redraw the boundaries of the panchayat, Khader asked.

In addition, he said that the government is also considering the abolition of the taluk panchayats. Taluk panchayat has 22 departments. Is it possible for a deputy to manage all these departments without an elected body in the taluk panchayat, he sought to find out.

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