Government job offer for new Brexit Opportunities unit backfires dramatically


Not surprisingly, a government announcement urging people to apply to become director of a new Brexit Opportunities unit has been roasted on social media.

Reacting to the latest funny civil service role, people hinted there might not be a lot of opportunities to be had from Brexit, and wondered why someone wasn’t investigating the opportunities of Brexit before and not after we left the EU. We can’t think of why:

Here are some of the best reactions:

The lucky director of the Brexit Opportunities Unit will earn £ 120,000 to decide what is really good about Brexit.

In a statement, Cabinet Minister Lord David Frost, who is overseeing the appointment, said: ‘With the ratification of the UK-EU trade deal, we have a unique opportunity to do things in the best interests of the Kingdom. United and our citizens.

“The new Brexit Opportunities Unit will review and reshape rules and regulations to spur growth and advance innovation, working across government on policies to maximize new Brexit opportunities as an independent nation . “

The Cabinet Office is also recruiting a Deputy Director for Strategy and Analysis to join the Brexit Opportunities Unit team, and if that doesn’t work, at least Alan Sugar will have the next cast of The apprentice ready behind the scenes.

We look forward to seeing who the government will appoint to tidy up the deckchairs on the Titanic. For the love of Britain.

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