FTP: Battery battery problems



Who says people don’t pay attention to their world? Last week I mentioned what I thought was a questionable sinage on the highway. Well, one person saw the sign and gave enough thought to the post he called the Runnels County Sheriff. The dispatcher’s response was something like “we’ll check it out, but there’s probably not much we can do about this”.

The other day I was talking to my friends in the lunch group and told them about the recent auto show I had played music for. We talked about cars and how they’ve evolved over the years. We talked about batteries and how they no longer alert you when they’re ready to die. Those new old batteries just say “I’m done” and they stop working. Michael said he had just experienced this with his wife’s car. He went to change the battery and had an immediate problem.

First he had to find the drums. It wasn’t under the hood or in the trunk. Strange indeed. He found it under the floor under the passenger seat behind the driver’s seat. Strange indeed. He was struggling to access it to get it out of its accommodation. Just as he lifted it out of the case, he realized he couldn’t release the front seat to remove the battery. Did you hear that? The dead battery would not release the seat in front of the compartment. The front seat was battery operated. Did you hear that? The electric seat could not be moved forward because the battery was dead. Did you hear that? Yes, the dead battery that would move the seat forward to allow battery removal was dead. What would you have done Channel change.

July 4th arrives next week. How are you going to celebrate the event? I think of barbecues, watermelon, swimming, fireworks and sunburns as standards for the event. What traditions do you have for the Fourth? Be careful and remember that freedom is not free. Do you well, Gary K


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