Fort Worth residents rally for victims of Uvalde and Tulsa

“I feel exhausted. I feel exhausted. I’m a teacher, I have kids, and I’m a shooting survivor,” Runnels told Lena Pope’s “Be the Light” Gathering June 2. “I feel exhausted that over 20 years later we are still dealing with some of the same things.”

Runnels teaches second grade and Uvalde’s shooting happened a day before the last day of Chapel Hill class. She did not tell her students about the shooting, but Melanie Kinsbury, 53, a gifted and talented teacher at Chapel Hill Academy, did.

“The day of the shooting was our eighth grade graduation, and so at graduation that night we took a moment of silence,” Kingsbury said. “We had one more day with the students. So, we talked about it a bit, mostly I let the kids express their concerns. And we talked about how we have to work to make things come together. safer place.”

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