For government post, J&K now wants nod from CID, details of “political activity” of relatives


Now, no one can get a government job in Jammu and Kashmir without a satisfactory CID report on their background, following an amendment of the administration of the territory of the Union in the instructions of the civil service of the Jammu and Kashmir (Character and Background Check), 1997.

One will also be required to disclose whether a family member or close relative is associated with a political party or organization, or has participated in political activity, or has had ties to a foreign mission or organization, or any prescribed / prohibited / prohibited organization like Jamaat-e-Islami.

The amendment follows the recent dismissal by the UT administration of three government officials, including an assistant professor, for alleged anti-state activities. It was the first such action after the administration formed a committee last month to examine allegations of anti-state activity against government employees.

According to the new amendment, in the case of on-duty employees requiring re-verification of the IDA, details of their assignments and promotions since the date of appointment should be provided. Besides the details of the jobs of his parents, spouse, children and stepchildren, in addition to the parents-in-law, brothers-in-law and sisters-in-law. And if they have been involved in political activity or with organizations as mentioned above.

Under the new rules, the appointing authorities will send the attestation forms received from the candidates under seal to the CID headquarters. “The CID checks the personality and background of the selected persons and transmits it to the requesting authority within a period of one month from the date of receipt of the list of selected persons”, we read in a government decree issued by the General Directorate of Administration. The CID cannot take more than two months on any verification.

In the event of receipt of an unfavorable opinion, to be confirmed by a selection committee, the appointment will be automatically canceled without notice, specifies the order.

In the attestation form, an applicant would be required to give details of the details, including the name and whether there has been a change; university degree, including institutions where one has studied since the age of 15; current address; the address of the place of origin if the family migrated to J&K after January 1, 1990; details of mobile numbers used over the past five years; used email and social media accounts; registration numbers of owned / used vehicles; bank / post office account numbers; and passport number.

The form also asks for details of any legal proceedings / proceedings against any family member or close relative, and whether any of them have been a prisoner of war or detained in an enemy country for any length of time.

He asks for details on the places (with length of stay) where the employee has resided for more than one year in a row during the previous five years and in the event of a stay abroad, details on all the places where he has resided for more than one year after reaching the age of 18.

In addition to her own visits abroad and those of her spouse over the past five years, she searches for the employee’s personal contact details with officials from foreign countries, the contact details of children studying, living or working abroad, contact details of family members working in foreign organizations including foreign companies in India and abroad.

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