Film festival arrives in County Runnels



It’s official. The County of Runnels will have a new festival in 2022. The County of Runnels Film Festival will be held in Winters on Friday and Saturday April 29 and 30.

Organizers say the festival will feature a film competition, where filmmakers will submit 15-20 minute films to the festival to be judged by a panel of critics from various fields of film and media. There will be a Critics’ Prize for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places. In addition, there will be prizes for the top 3 in the fan favorite category. One film will be selected as the overall grand prize. 1st place in both categories will include cash prizes.


Jeff Smith of KRUN radio is one of the festival organizers. He said bringing something like this to County Runnels is a breath of fresh air, “It’s completely unique to our county. It’s never been done before, and it’s an exciting time for us. us. We put it in place over 6 months so that we, and our partners, would have time to put it in place and get it right. We didn’t want to rush it. “

Winters was chosen as the venue for the festival because the city has recently experienced an economic recovery. Earlier this year, the Welcome to Winters group of business owners took action to breathe their own breath of fresh air into the economy. Their Main Street Market Days were a resounding success. “That’s the main reason we picked Winters. They do an amazing job,” said Smith.

The festival will have vendor booths and offers sponsorship. In a unique gesture, with KRUN as a partner, the sponsorships also include recognition on the film festival’s radio commercials over the next 6 months. Sponsorships also include the sponsor’s name on the banner as well as on the t-shirts that will be sold at the festival. T-shirts are included in sponsorship packages, as well as VIP tickets to the festival. Sponsors will also receive gift bags of items from local businesses and vendors. “We not only want to bring people to our festival, we also want to bring business to Winters,” Smith commented.

As for the film competition, the filmmakers will pay an entrance fee of $ 20 for the competition. The Monday before the festival, filmmakers will receive by email (or can retrieve) the genre assigned to their film. Categories will range from drama and mystery to romance and more. The filmmakers will have until Friday, April 29 at noon to submit (or send) their films to the festival organizers. The prizes will be awarded on Saturday at 6 p.m. The organizers are currently exploring possible locations to host an after-party after the festival is over.

Smith said that within a week of announcing the festival on the KRUN in the Morning with Jeff and Bill Show, people have already reached out to KRUN and other organizers to be a part of the festival, “We have been contacted by businesses, amateur filmmakers, production companies, film schools, universities, photographers, talent agencies and others who want to be sellers and sponsors. “

Organizers said the motivation came in part from writer / director Shane Bradford: “They made a horror movie here in 2019. The movie is called ‘Country Club. He’s a great guy. “The trailer for the film will be shown at the Cult Classic convention in Bastrop February 26-27, 2022. There are plans to film a sequel in County Runnels,” Shane came here and has been used everywhere, from the Ballinger Inn at the Horny Toad brewery. , as well as a ranch at Paint Rock and places in Water Valley. Shane, his cast and crew treated everyone really well and are great people. We can’t wait for them to shoot another movie here. “

The Runnels County Film Festival is inspired by the advent of independent filmmakers, but doesn’t limit films to amateurs: “If we get enough sponsorship and attention, we could have an amateur category and a professional category. We really want to introduce everyone. , from directors to screenwriters, including producers and actors, professionals and amateurs. “

Festival organizers are also planning to have live music during the event, as well as a red carpet, “We have an official photographer for the event. Jason Gore from will be there to take photos “We might even have a red carpet. At this point, we’re looking at all the possibilities,” Smith added.

If you would like more information about the Runnels County Film Festival, you can send an email to, or you can call 325-977-9707 or 325-276-0994. There is also a Runnels County Film Festival page on Facebook.


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