Fever survey finds 5 lakh people with Covid symptoms

Hyderabad: Fieldworkers from multiple government departments covered a remarkable 1 crore of households, identified more than 5 lakh people with Covid-like symptoms and distributed isolation drug kits in just two weeks after surveys were launched Door-to-door fever and special outpatient services for fever in all government health facilities in Telangana.

Since the door-to-door survey was launched on January 21, field workers from health and other ministries have visited 1,21,36,778 families.

Distribution of medical kits to symptomatic patients

During the investigation, workers discovered a total of 5,25,853 people with Covid symptoms, who were promptly treated, given special medical kits and told to stay in isolation.

Special outpatient services for fever in public health centers

In fever outpatient services, which are running concurrently in public hospitals in Telangana, so far authorities have carried out 10,000 consultations and provided treatment to more than 1,34,716 people who have been identified as showing symptoms. of COVID-19.

Front line warriors during Telangana fever investigation

Telangana State Health Department field workers, mainly Accredited Social Health Activists (ASHAs) and Auxiliary Nurse Midwives (ANMs), carry out the door-to-door fever surveys, as well as regular follow-ups to monitor people’s health status. with symptoms and determine if they should be admitted to a higher health care facility.

How did the fever investigation help fight and contain the spread of Omicron?

The door-to-door fever investigation helped authorities quickly identify people with symptoms, provide them with specific treatment kits and isolate them at home without waiting for RT-PCR or antigen tests. quick to confirm the presence of COVID-19.

According to top public health professionals, this approach also helps identify large numbers of people with non-Covid fevers and other mild conditions, allowing for rapid treatment.

To ensure the success of fever outpatient services and door-to-door fever surveys, Minister of Health Harish Rao, Minister of Municipal Administration and Urban Development KT Rama Rao and Minister of Panchayat Raj Errabelli Dayakar Rao held a coordination meeting last month to ensure that officials and field workers from all three departments were involved in the initiative.

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