Cleaning: a laundry expert explains how to wash pillows and pillowcases

Pillows can often yellow and stain over time if not cleaned regularly. Pillows, pillowcases and bedding should be cleaned regularly to remove skin oils, sweat, dead skin cells, dust and allergens. For those who don’t know how to clean their pillows and pillowcases, bedding expert Malik Karman of Eachnight Mattresses shared his “rule of thumb” for washing pillows and pillowcases.

Malik said bedding should be washed “once a week,” including pillowcases.

However, the mattress expert said some people may benefit more from washing pillowcases more frequently.

Cleaning the pillowcases will remove skin oils and allergens that accumulate in the fabric.

Pillows don’t need to be cleaned “too often” if they are covered.

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“Size is also important to consider.

“King size pillows usually need to be washed in an industrial washing machine, so you probably won’t be able to wash them at home.

“If your pillow can be washed at home, remove all protective coverings and place the pillow in the washing machine.

“If your washing machine has an agitator, it’s best to wash two pillows to better maintain balance. After the pillow has been washed with a mild detergent, dry it on low heat.

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