BJP Chief Sirsa Alleges Corruption of City Officials | Chandigarh News



Sirsa: BJP Sirsa District President Aditya Chautala on Friday held an anti-corruption protest at the city’s Municipal Council (MC) office by bringing a flock of sheep to the office.
He alleged that council officials demanded 50,000 rupees for issuing a property ID card to a private settlement he owned, Sector 21.
He added that he would file a defamation complaint against officials who declared his sector illegal.
Speaking to the media, Chautala said: “If I have to face any problems and I am forced to put my agony in front of the media, one can understand what would happen to the general public.”
Chautala said the government has set up an online system to break the chain of corruption, but employees involved in the corruption have not implemented it. He said he filed a 2010 rupee crore fee with the government to get approval from the colony. He said that while officials show that the entire card has been approved on the physical file, the online system shows that only half of the card has been approved.
“The duty to update the records rests with the officers sitting here. They harass the general public in order to cover up their mistake and receive bribes, ”he said.
He said this type of corruption is rife throughout the state. “The government works honestly, but corrupt officials try to disparage the image of the government,” he said.
Sirsa deputy commissioner Anish Yadav said the approved colony of Aditya Chautala and other approved files had been sent to headquarters to be updated on the server, which raised some objections. “These objections are being addressed; it will take time. Other than that, legal action will be taken against officials if anyone provides evidence, ”DC said.


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