ASF detected in Davao de Oro city



(Image from Nabunturan LGU Facebook page)

THE CITY OF DAVAO – The Davao de Oro African swine fever (FAA) task force reported on Wednesday that pigs in a pigsty in Nabunturan town had tested positive for the virus.

On the same day, Mayor Chelita C. Amatong called an emergency meeting with officials from municipal government departments and agencies to quickly resolve and treat swine disease.

In a social media post, Dr Elsa Villarreiz, Veterinarian II of the Municipal Bureau of Agriculture (MAGRO), said the mayor had issued a decree to prevent the spread of ASF, but she did not not given details of the directive.

“As a result, the slaughterhouse has again strictly enforced the veterinary health certificate requirement before pigs can enter the city,” she said.

Villarreiz said the owner of the affected barn in Barangay Anislagan reported on July 2 that some of his pigs became ill and died.

She said the owner sent nine sample samples the same day to the Provincial Bureau of Veterinarians (PVO) and the positive results came out on July 5.

“According to the warden, the virus may have been acquired because a number of buyers from other areas have entered their farm in recent weeks,” Villarreiz said.

According to the inspection carried out by MAGRO, the affected farm is adjacent to about ten other farms and there were 45 pigs within a radius of 500 meters.

The Department of Agriculture (DA) will enforce the 1-7-10 protocol to prevent the spread of the ASF virus, Villarreiz said.

Under the policy, pigs will be prohibited from entering and / or leaving the area within one kilometer of the infection site or zero point, and pigs covered by the distance must be depopulated.

On the other hand, pigs within a seven-kilometer radius would be monitored with restricted movements, and blood tests would be performed.

Meanwhile, within a radius of 10 kilometers from zero point, mandatory surveillance and reporting of swine disease cases will be implemented.

“I am grateful to our MAGRO and all of our colleagues in local government who are actively working at the moment and I hope we will work together so that ASF does not spread further in our city,” Amatong also said in an article. on social networks. , where she also checked the department’s report on the presence of ASF in the town. (ANP)


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