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A new flashing yellow warning light has been installed at the intersection of Highway 67 and Liberty Street, an extremely dangerous location. Numerous accidents have occurred there since the opening of the new highway about five years ago.

1961 – 60 years ago

Mr. and Mrs. Walter McGee of 117 Potosi St., Farmington, celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary with an open house from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. on Sunday, September 24. Walter McGee, originally from Virginia, and Jennie Gunnett from Iron County were married on September 26, 1911 in Farmington. At the time of their marriage, they were both living in Leadwood.

The Farmington Business and Professional Women’s Club will begin its celebration of National Business Women’s Week on Sunday, October 1 by joining club president Ms. Fanny Knowles to attend the 8:30 am church service at Memorial Methodist Church, of which Ms. Knowles is a member. On Monday morning October 2, the club will host the fifth annual “coffee break”.

Villars, Patterson, Parker and Harper led the Fredericktown Blackcats to a 33-0 triumph over the Farmington Knights last Friday night. While the Knights did their best, they were no match for Fredericktown’s toughest eleven who pushed their way five times through the Farmington goal line.

The Farmington Public Schools Parent-Teacher Association opened the school year on Monday evening, September 25. A large crowd was present. Membership chair Ms. Carl Hutson said the group only made up 29% of all parents. Russell J. Mullins, the new president, chaired. He introduced Mr. William Daniels, devotional president, who gave a brief and impressive speech, highlighting the love and concern for and his high ideals.


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