48K Covid-19 kits offered during fever survey

HYDERABAD: On the first day of the door-to-door fever survey, 48,000 home isolation kits were distributed to patients with symptoms of Covid-19.

The survey was launched on Friday with as many as 12.6 lakh homes surveyed
across the state in a single day. Joint teams of health, panchayat raj and
the services of the municipal administration take part in the survey.

Health Minister T. Harish Rao participated in the fever survey on Saturday by personally visiting houses in the Ambedkar Nagar area of ​​Siddipet. During the door-to-door survey, he asked if anyone in the family had symptoms of Covid-19 such as a cold, cough and fever.

He said the government had acquired two crore Covid-19 test kits and prepared one crore home isolation kit. About 27,000 oxygen-equipped beds were in place at hospitals, he said, and added that the state’s oxygen capacity had been increased from 120 metric tons to 370 metric tons.

“People should avoid running to private hospitals unnecessarily and spending money. The government is ready to deal with any kind of unfortunate situation. Every day, more than a lakh of Covid-19 tests are carried out in the state.

The Minister of Health asked health workers if all households in the area were fully vaccinated and also asked how long vaccination would take per precautionary dose. “The Omicron variant of Covid-19 is spreading rapidly. Hopefully Covid-19 cases will come down soon,” he addressed residents.

The minister explained that health volunteers would regularly check the health of those with symptoms, either by phone or home visit. If anyone was found to have serious health issues, they would be immediately transferred to the local hospital, he said. Door-to-door fever investigation will continue for five to eight weeks. The minister asked health officials to set up additional testing centers wherever there were long queues.

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