400,000 expired sweets are requisitioned in Chinese establishments in Madrid – CVBJ


12/20/2021 at 4:22 p.m. CET


Within the framework of Operation Intruder, the police inspected more than 45 establishments run by Asian citizens in different neighborhoods of Madrid in which nearly half a million products have intervened, including 400,000 “candies” intended for children’s parties that were out of date or without health control.

In the call Operation Intruder, carried out by the national police in collaboration with the municipal government of Madrid between December 13 and 16 in the districts of Centro Norte, Usera, Puente de Vallecas and Tetuán, 22 people were arrested and eight others were subjected to an investigation, but not stopped, for crimes against the environment, industrial property, public health and professional intrusions.

Of the 22 arrests, 18 were for breaches of immigration law and the rest for legal claims, attacks on law enforcement officials or illegal possession of weapons, reported the Prefecture of Police of Madrid and the police. municipal.

The establishments inspected carried out various types of activities such as sale of cosmetics, restaurants, places of entertainment, inns, personal aesthetics, treatment of urban waste or massage parlors.

Child consumption

Among the articles that have appeared there is something more than 400,000 food products intended mainly for the consumption of children (sweets, candies, chocolates, chocolates) expired or without sanitary control and sold especially for children’s parties.

During the inspection of various establishments, they were withdrawn from sale to 21,000 dolls and toys, either to be linked to a possible offense against industrial property, or to present gaps in the required labeling.

In one of the establishments subject to control to carry out irregularly shaped health and beauty treatments, Almost 1,500 drugs intervened (lidocaine, enalapril and hyaluronic acid).

Too much many electrical devices intended for bodily use intervened in aesthetic and beauty treatments that can cause serious injury through burns and eye injuries, in addition to headphones or nail dryers.

In another of the waste treatment stores, 135 fluorinated gases intervened particularly harmful to the environment, for which prosecutions have been opened for a possible crime against the environment.

The operation, which aimed to verify the quality required by law in the products marketed, as well as the services provided to guarantee the rights of consumers, also aimed to verify the working conditions of workers in these establishments.

The operation also participated Labor and social security inspectorate, as well as the areas of health, commerce and consumption of the Community of Madrid and the investigation remains open.


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