3 new deaths from COVID-19 confirmed by TGC’s health service



Delta variant of the coronavirus. (File / Getty)

SAN ANGELO, Texas – The Tom Green County Health Department has confirmed the death of three additional patients from causes related to coronavirus infection, according to a statement released by the city of San Angelo this afternoon, Sunday 29 August 2021.

The patients were a Pecos County man in his thirties, a Schleicher County woman in her 70s and a Runnels County woman in her 90s, none of whom were vaccinated. No other patient information is currently available.

So far, 359 patients have died from causes related to COVID-19 infection. Of these patients, 231 were residents of Tom Green County; 128 were residents of other counties.

The full statement is below:

COVID-19 related deaths in Tom Green County from March 2020 to August 29, 2021. Courtesy of the City of San Angelo.  Total deaths: 359 Residents of Tom Green County: 231 Residents of other counties: 128 Women: 149 Men: 210 Age groups: 20 years: 1 30 years: 3 40 years: 17 50 years: 39 60 years : 96 70 years: 105 80 years: 74 90 years: 24
COVID-19 related deaths in Tom Green County from March 11, 2020 to August 29, 2021. Courtesy of the City of San Angelo

The Department of Health has confirmed three additional COVID-19-related deaths in Tom Green County:

– Male, 30, Pecos County: not vaccinated

– Female, 70, Schleicher County: not vaccinated

– Female, 90, County of Runnels: not vaccinated

This brings the total number of COVID-19-related deaths in Tom Green County to 359: 231 for Tom Green County and 128 for other counties. We do not have any other patient information at this time.

El Departamento de Salud has confirmed tres muertes adicionales relacionadas con COVID-19 and el condado de Tom Green:

– Hombre, 30 years old, condado de Pecos: no vacuum

– Mujer, 70, condado de Schleicher: no vacunada

– Mujer, 90 years old, condado de Runnels: no vacunada

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