215 of 254 counties in Texas are banned from burning

SAN ANGELO, Texas – As of July 25, 85% of the Lone Star State was under burn ban status, with 22,984,560 of the population affected by drought conditions.

According Texas A&M Forest Services, 215 of Texas’ 254 counties are under a burning ban. Tom Green, Coke, Irion, Schleicher, Menard, Concho, Runnels, Reagan, Sutton, Kimble, Mason, McCulloch and Coleman County are all subject to the burn ban. However, Sterling County is the only county in Concho Valley that is not on the outdoor burning ban map provided by the Texas A&M Outdoor Burning Ban Map.

This photograph is courtesy of Texas A&M Forest Services.

Along with burning bans, 99% of Texas is experiencing some sort of drought.

A majority of the Concho Valley falls under severe drought conditions or extreme drought conditions.

As of Friday, July 22, Texas A&M Forest Services responded to 38 wildfires are burning across 1,458 acres.

This photograph is courtesy of Texas A&M Forest Services.

Texas A&M Forest Services reminds everyone to do their part to prevent these wildfires under current conditions as humans are the cause of 90% of forest fires.

Avoid parking a vehicle in tall grass and clean up any debris that may be around while welding. Never leave a barbecue unattended and be aware that any spark can cause a forest fire.

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