2 Injured in crossover accident with an 18-Wheeler on TX-153 at Runnels Co, TX



Runnels County, Texas – On January 11, 2021, two 19-year-olds were seriously injured in a collision with a tractor-trailer on State Highway 153 in Runnels County.

Authorities say the incident happened around 1 a.m. on TX-153 near Farm to Market Road 2111. Preliminary investigation suggests a Subaru Forester SUV was heading south on the freeway as it drove south. A Volvo semi-truck towing a trailer was heading north. Reports indicate that the Subaru driver entered a curve in the road but overcompensated by steering and crossed the center line. After entering the oncoming lane, the Subaru was struck sideways by the Volvo truck. He turned around and came to a stop in the northern tumulus ditch. The truck also pulled off the road and came to a stop on the north side.

Two Subaru passengers were seriously injured in the wreckage. The driver of the SUV and the two occupants of the Volvo are unharmed.

No further information is currently available.

Commentary on the crash of an 18-Wheeler on the TX-153 in Runnels County

With such a serious crash, I can’t help but wonder if the authorities will really find all the answers they need to fully understand it. I don’t mean this as a critic of law enforcement or the important work they do, but over the years I have seen time and time again how they overlook important factors without ever knowing it, because they lack the resources for a proper investigation.

For example, not so long ago I worked on an accident where authorities said a car crossed the tracks on the other side and hit an 18-wheeled vehicle head-on. However, when we asked independent forensic investigators to review the details, the evidence told a different story. Apparently the large platform crossed first and swerved the driver to avoid the collision. The 18-wheeled vehicle then veered off course, causing the collision.

I say it happened here. What I mean is just that the authorities did not have the right tools or the right training to properly investigate this other accident, so instead they “trusted their courage.” Well their guess was wrong and the wrong person took the blame. If it had not been for further investigations, those close to the victim might never have learned the truth and the real culprit might never have been held accountable.

It’s all too common a phenomenon, and that’s why I always talk about the benefits of independent investigations. Just because I have specific reasons for believing the reports are wrong; it is because ensuring that victims and families have all the facts is an urgent priority in cases like this. Does anyone make sure this happens here?



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