On those occasions when you need fast money, you have already tried traditional ways such as asking a family member, friend or advancement at work. The bank does not grant you credit, those are the times when you may need to apply for a loan online.

In this article we will see what quantities we can request and what differences there are in the type of product in terms of requirements and documentation.

Credits under 1000 euros

For these types of credits, commonly called mini-credits, we can request amounts from 50 to 1000 euros. In prestamosonlineya.com we have differentiated the following amounts for this range of amounts.

  • 100 euros credits
  • 150 euros loans
  • 200 euros mini credit
  • 250 Euro Credit
  • Advance of 300 euros
  • 500 euro credits
  • Quick loans of 1000 euros

From our website we manage your request among all the companies we work with and find those that can grant you the amount you need according to your financial and personal conditions.

In any case, we also offer you a credit comparator so that you can choose the one that suits you best.

These credits are easier to obtain than those of higher amounts.

The requirements to request credit of less than 1000 euros are minimum

  • Be of age
  • Have valid ID or NIF
  • Be a Spanish citizen or have a residence in Spain
  • Have an active and solvent account number
  • Not being in ASNEF, although some companies allow to be in ASNEF with debt less than 1000 euros
  • Sometimes you must show periodic income or guarantee with your vehicle.

Documentation for credits less than 1000 euros

  • ID photocopy
  • I receive that proves that you are the owner of the bank account you supply
  • Document proving income that can be payroll, pension, lease, unemployment benefit

Online loans of more than 1000 euros

Online loans of more than 1000 euros

This type of financial product works differently, usually amortized in monthly, biweekly or weekly terms, depending on the company with which we work.

The greater the amount, the more requirements we must meet, obviously.

They are more difficult credits to obtain, precisely because the necessary requirements are more exclusive.

It has the advantage of paying in monthly installments that normally you decide both amount and number of installments. This makes the return process more bearable.

For these amounts we have different associated companies, depending on the amount we select the one that we believe fits most in terms of requirements, commissions and interests.

The different amounts with which we work from Online Loans are already:

  • Up to 4,000 euros
    • 1,500 euros
    • 2,000 euros
    • 2,500 euros
    • 3,000 euros
  • Up to 60,000 euros
    • 5,000 euros
    • 6,000 euros
    • 60,000 euros

We work with different companies according to amount, and they can also change according to the conditions of each one in time, always trying to work with what we consider best.